The company we keep

Sometimes I get lucky. I get tossed into good company!

There are all kinds of phrases that relate to the company we keep.

In fact, just the other day, no it wasn't just the other day, but a few weeks ago in my office, a dad totally chewed out his pot smoking, class-cutting, car stealing good-for-nothing teenage son. I, of course, totally disagreed with the good-for-nothing part. He's certainly going to turn around. He's in therapy!

Like all loyal fathers in denial, however, dad blamed the kid's friends. You want to know the measure of a man? he asked. Take a look at his friends. The nicknames of the friends said it all, but I'll spare you.

Anyway, before I left town last week two very interesting bloggers/writers asked me to share their company. Leah at Shebrew asked me a bunch of questions about 20-something relationships (I answered a couple of them, it was OVERWHELMING, LEAH!) and Elaine, the Division Street Princess, asked me to share a summer vacation story.

See, Elaine feels that thinking summer is somehow supposed to make you forget there's two feet of snow to shovel in the Chi-town. She has some of the nuance of hypnosis down, but honest, it wouldn't work for me if I were in the northeast or the central states.

The kid I mentioned? We're hoping he chooses better company, the plan so far. But surely there's much more to it than that. And honestly, even if their nicknames are a little weird, do you think it's so easy to drop your friends?

But take a look at Elaine and Leah's posts (they're highlighted above). Because, face it, if you're reading this, what else have you got to do? And like I said, they're good company. For sure.


Division Street Princess:


Elaine Soloway said…
Thanks for the promotion! I enjoyed your summer vacation story, as well as this terrific blog.

Leah in Chicago said…
Linda, I really appreaciated you answering my questions. I shared them with the guys who were with me the night I sent you the email, they also appreciated it.

I'll continue sending people over here for the best therapy blogger around.

todah rabah!

TherapyDoc said…
Just a minute. Why aren't there more therapy bloggers around? You know the goal is to make you all whiz kids, right?
Mark said…
Thanks for the lead to the sites of the company that you keep.
TherapyDoc said…
Peops, add Mark to the list, for sure. Just click on his name above.
Anonymous said…
Don't know if you agree with this or not but a prominent sociologist at UNC Chapel Hill did a longitudinal study of young people. One of his findings was, if you don't like what you see in your children, look in the mirror. What do you think?
TherapyDoc said…
I say, sure, maybe.

Maybe means that you need to learn how to read research. "Findings," no matter what the design, are about groups.

So even though it may be true that children are a reflection of their parents, there's no way I'd ever generalize like that.

In other words, I HATE any and all generalizations, the words Always and Never are red flags for WRONG.