Not Work, Odds and Ends, the Meme

Truth is: Work everybody gets. You got the fix on its value vis-a-vis children a few days ago on the Work!! post.

But not work? Those of us who have been raised to value industry have difficulty with that.

Yet as I've warned the past few days that it's that time of year. The festival is upon us and I won't be working for a few days, 8 of them to be exact. No blogging, either- that's creative and it's too much work for a Yid like me.

Danny Miller recently wrote about Sabbath observance. He'd visited a Chasidic community and found Orthodox Judaism very charming. But not blogging on Shabbas? He had his limits.

But I don't. It's no holds barred for me when it comes to vegging out on a holiday, so the first two and the last two days of Passover I won't even be turning on my laptop! Won't even be publishing Comments on those days. Insane, I know!

But leave your comments anyway, and I'll publish them and respond mid-week. That carnival below should be enough to keep you busy while I'm off.

This also means that the meme I promised I'd do won't get done for awhile. But I didn't forget. There's a draft here on Blogger somewhere. Be patient.

There are also old posts to be read, right? Find a few spelling errors for me. But don't work to hard, okay?

Warmest wishes,



Holly said…
I don't think it's too much at all. Weekends are for my family and the Lord so I pretty much only blog M-F. Enjoy your mini vacation! The blogosphere will be right here when you get back. ;)

Mark said…
Enjoy your veg time! I am sure you will come back inspired and on fire! Have a great time off.
TherapyDoc said…
Thanks, friends.
Chana said…
Chag Sameach!
J said…
I hope you and your family are having a peaceful and happy Passover.
LOL, have yourself a wonderful weekend!
TherapyDoc said…
Thanks. Be back on Tues night (maybe)!
Hope Passover was a blessed holiday for you.
TherapyDoc said…
Oh, you'll all hear about it soon enough! Yes, blessed.