Friday, September 21, 2007

Here Today, Gone. . .

Abbey Brown of the Shreveport Times tells quotes the following:

"A clean slate," LaSalle Parish School Board member Billy Fowler said of why the tree was cut down in the past few weeks. "There's nothing positive about that old tree. It's all negative. And I'm serving on the new School Board, and we're wanting to start fresh on some things."

Read the post below.

See, I would have suggested, LEAVE IT UP. Remembering is the key, not forgetting. Fence it in. Put up a sign. Tell the world what happened there.

Never Again. No more KKK, No more nooses. No more intimidation.
I'd like to say, they were kids, they didn't mean it. They'll be ashamed when they're adults. But I'm not at all sure. So say, Never Again, and mean it. Start with education. It's a SCHOOL. This happened outside of a school.

From sundown Friday evening to sundown Saturday, according to my tradition, everyone and everything is judged. Tradition holds that that tree was judged last year on this day of the Jewish calendar.

May we all be judged favorably.

I was never one of those "peace on earth" people, but seriously, peace on earth,



Guilty Secret said...

That's sad. I agree, your fence and sign idea is great. Too late now though :(

therapydoc said...

The whole town could have raked it in on field trip concessions alone!

Anonymous said...

Remembering is the key, not forgetting!

Nice quote.........

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