Sunday, September 16, 2007

One Year Later, Tante Fela

I called her Tante Tela when I wrote about her last year in the Yom Kippor post, worried that someone would actually recognize her if I used her real name, Fela, which means miracle, you should know.

So I originally worried someone would tell her about that Yom Kippor post, which is why I changed her name, I didn't want it to somehow get back to her before I told her about it. Maybe it would upset her. But of course, one of my best friends actually told Tante Fela's nephew about the post and he thought it was a good thing and he showed it to her, and she did read it and thought it was a good thing, too.

So maybe it was a good thing.

But you want the upshot, right? A year later?

Well, it's not good.

I got to the synagogue bright and early on Thursday, New Years Day, Rosh Hashana and took a look at the seating chart. I already had a feeling that Tanta Fela wasn't going to be sitting next to me. We have assigned seating for the High Holidays and she's relatively new in the shul. Last year some of the regulars weren't there so she had a seat right next to me.

But this year the regulars were back and she was ousted from that seat. I looked for her but couldn't find her. She must have come a little late, because when I looked again, there she was, about six rows in front of me. I noticed her looking back once or twice, confused.

After services I ran over to her, kissed her and wished her a happy new year.

"WHAT HAPPENED?" she cried. "Why did they move my seat?" She was really upset.

I tried to explain it to her, but she kept shaking her head. She couldn't believe it.

When I told F.D. the story he reminded me of the original post (which I guess you have to read for this to make any sense whatsoever).

Al Tashlichaini, he said.

OMG. That's what she had said.

So I asked around, and guess what? At least one other person in my row won't be there for Yom Kippor this year. So we'll do some shuffling around and Tante Fela will get her seat back, please G-d. I'm calling her first thing tomorrow.

The sign on and sign off this week, the week before Yom Kippor (the day all judgement is sealed), is

Gmar tov (the end should be good). But we have to make it that way, I think.


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L'shanah tovah TD, respectfully.

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