Sunday, July 15, 2007

Corrections: Post regrets

1. I alluded to certain soft porn in Vogue in the post on children's books.

Empath Daught asked me if soft porn was in the advertisements or in the magazine content itself. I didn't know so I checked.

Indeed, the content of Vogue seems perfectly innocent (what am I saying, I love it). It is the advertising I hate.

So if you can differentiate the two, more power to you.

2. In the Angry Are You post I suggested people date within their own tribe to hedge their bets that the take on anger might be similar. I have absolutely no data on this and in fact, take it back.

I do suggest the following, based loosely on how the Jewish kids in my retro community date. They have a list of questions they want answered on a variety of topics, including table cloth preferences.

I would humbly suggest the following, even at the pre-dating phase of a relationship, if there is one:

How did your family handle emotions, especially anger?
How do you?
How did you as a kid?
How did your parents cope with that?

I have a whole list of questions like these fomenting in my brain and I'll post again on it, but now I have to get to work.

Sorry for any confusion,


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Karma said...

This is interesting because I think that a lot of American Jews don't ever really learn to express anger in a healthy way - men tend to not talk about it but have it come out through taking it out on others, women tend to try to not acknowledge anger at all and have it turn against themselves. Personally, I'd love to be with someone who had a different family history of dealing with anger.

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