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See You in My Dreams

Lately I've been dreaming about my patients. I don't even want to tell you how many years I'm in practice. Let's just say a lot. And this has never happened, not ever, not that I remember, anyway.Most therapists have an occasional dream about a patient, don’t they?  It’s happened twice, each time the night after a visit. My subconscious apparently picked out these unsuspecting women to join in on whatever adventure it had scheduled for the night. 
My dreams are always adventure dreams, usually about getting lost and driving endlessly on a clover-leaf highway exit in an unfamiliar city. Or I’ll be on vacation with FD and we find ourselves in a house that is smelly and dilapidated with broken windows. It most likely has been hit by a bomb, and yet is huge, a city in itself. There’s no way out, no map, and no one cares about getting out—or so it feels, except for me.  Reliably in my dreams I have no idea where I'm supposed to be, which isn't atypical, others tell m…

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