Friday, April 27, 2007

On bananas and eating right

Do you see the problem here?

How am I supposed to pack the banana into that lunch bag? The lunch, you can see (really it's F.D.'s breakfast) packs nicely into the brown paper bag. I could have packed it much tighter, too, made it much more compact.

But the banana! It just doesn't fit.

S., my #4 son, tells me that they make banana cases and we can get them on-line. But this seems like one more thing to wash.

There should be a tougher brown bag with a special compartment. These are things to think about.

On this healthy moment, as long as we're talking about food, wanna' know what's for lunch, er, breakfast?

He'll have a a modest omelet of one piece cheese, one egg (with yoke, sorry), and a small onion, fried together, egg last, sandwiched between two medium slices of some seedy, grainy-kind-of bread sliced off a baguette.

Pickle on the side and a couple of fresh vegetables (okay, one, a carrot, i got lazy, but it's a real carrot, not one of those pre-peeled things they call baby carrots). A piece of carrot cake, small, to die for when it was fresh-baked, now it's just "interesting, but edible." One chocolate chip cookie. He'll probably save the sweets, forget to eat them and bring them home.

And that's all F.D. will eat today until 8:30 when we finally sit down for dinner. Is that "healthy" not eating more than once in 13 hours?

Yeah. Probably.

Will he be good with that? Will he ride his bike home from work? Did I tell you how old he'll be next month? Am I pushing you all a little too hard today (see post below) on the stay healthy thing, bragging too much about how we try to eat right, exercise, etc., and you should, too, pushing this western agenda, this capitalist, privileged lifestyle on you?

Yes and Yes, No (K"H) and Yes . It can't kill you (K"H) to eat right and get some exercise. Unless you get hit by a truck, maybe. So please, please, please. If you do ride a bike or jog in the city, don't get hit by a truck or an SUV, seriously. Be careful out there.

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Anonymous said...

Bananas come with a perfect package. Think about it. The design is perfect for primates...

therapydoc said...

It's true!

Tamara said...

Let's see.

Bananas equal 2 servings of fruit, so that's great. However, they say one should eat consistently throughout the day (6 times= 3 meals, 3 snacks). Eating small portions often keeps the metabolism going and one loses weight that way.

Check out "Get with the Program". Not a diet book but simply about getting healthy. :)

therapydoc said...

sounds interesting

frumhouse said...

Great tips! I am trying to eat healthier to control my BP! Ack!

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