Tuesday, June 26, 2007

About It's Fictitious

Already the email is coming in, folks worried that their comments made me uncomfortable, like people are talking about the therapydoc family.

Like we're so important. Sorry about that. Let me clarify a little.

a) I love comments, there isn't a blogger out there who doesn't, except maybe one and I know him. The only exception would be if comments are "inappropriate" or I feel in any way immodest, I won't post or respond to them, likewise e-mail.

b) Gossip was the wrong word and too harsh! I wouldn't suspect my readers of that, honest. I meant that I'm not gossiping, exposing anyone.

(It's not about you.)

So I'm editing that part out about gossip. If you haven't read it already, the last sentence will say,
take it as a learning experience, a creative learning experience
As long as we're sharing and talking creatively, did I tell you I didn't make it as an art major? At UIUC I took about every type of course imaginable and chose art as a major because it was much more fun than anything else (tennis was good, too). I loved design and got A's but could not draw. There was a time you had to draw to be an artist. I called home in a panic, for at some point you really do need enough hours in one particular subject to graduate. Mom suggested social work.

Thanks Mom.

But of course, had I chosen art, you'd have a much better looking website to visit. No regrets.



Angie said...

I have to say I love that you bounced around in college! I went back and forth social work/art. Art is what eventually sucked me in but every now and again I start studying for my "second degree" again. Never happens though!

You know how life is....

therapydoc said...

But it does make a case for better focus and academic counseling in high school.

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