Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day Humor

My father's the guy who has everything. He's not a real needy guy, and like some immigrants, maybe most, doesn't buy to buy. It has to be wholesale or better yet, cost.

And my discretionary time, despite what it looks like here on the blog (she must have a LOT of time or how could she waste so much time blogging), is used up, gone, non-existent, an illusion.

So shopping for Father's Day or birthdays is a real drag and I do it on-line or wait for something I like and Grab It.

Thursday afternoon a building decorator knocked on my office door selling lithographs. She had nicely framed merchandise at rock bottom prices. I didn't like any of them, but one caught my eye. It was in black and white, a view of the mountains (I think Jackson Hole) covered with fog.

"I'll take it," I said. It looked like something my father would like. It looked like something we would have seen on vacation together as a family on those long summer road trips.

So today I picked up my parents and we drove out to see my brother and his family in the burbs. FD had to work. We all stuffed ourselves silly and ate too many sweets. The guys were watching the U.S. Open when I was quite ready to get the show on the road.

Laundry, bills, stupid stuff that needed to get done.

My brother walked us out to the car, and I said, "Hey, do you want me to put your name on the card? I got Dad a lithograph, one of those things you get from decorators trying to unload stuff to doctors. "

He related. "You can get good stuff," he said, "But no. It's okay."

Dad piped up. "Do I get to see it, this picture?"

I'd wrapped it in colored tissue paper with ribbon and it was a little hard to get the ribbon off.
"I like it, " he said. "But I honestly have no place to hang this. Take it to your office. I'm sure your patients will like it, too."

I was afraid of that. My parents really have no wall space. "You sure?" I asked.

"100%. Please take it to your office. But I really do like it. It's a very nice picture. You have it."

My brother, quick to the punch, said, "That was the fastest re-gifting I've EVER seen!"

And my mother, even quicker, said, "Happy Anniversary, honey."

(It's next week).

Aren't they a riot? That's adult humor.

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Emy L. Nosti said...

That's pretty fantastic. No worries though--I'm sure you can find someone else to pawn it off on! (Speaking of which, would you like a quesadilla maker?)

I gave dad a birthday card I'd been hanging on to for 2 years with the relevant crossings-out and a box of golf balls that he'd already pilfered from (he's just learning).

But, I did get him a thoughtful birthday gift in May. Really, he's easy to please--just make sure he's stocked up on black licorice.