What's this?

These aren't that great (the pics, that is, the candy's just fine).

I had wanted to upload them for yesterday's post about me teaching high school A P Psychology (you'd have to read the one below this to understand the connection between candy and teaching psychology.) But I had some trouble.

So here you go, just a taste.

And one correction:

The business name might be FANSTASIA chocolates. The nuts are from ILLINOIS NUT. Whatever. Better pics will be up on Sunday along with the Carnival of All Substances.

Chocolate, you see, is a substance.

See you there!



Heidi said…

I love chocolate.

I love candies.

I love the taste and the serotonin. It's perfect...
Hey Therapy Doc,

I just linked you to both my blogs. Cause you amuse me.

Tracee Sioux

So Sioux Me
Empower Your Self
Empower Your Daughter

therapydoc said…
Sioux, this is marvelous. Guys and Dolls is a fave around here.

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