Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Other Therapy Docs and Marital-TX

I went hunting for other therapy doc blogs and found this story.
It's a short post by James F on Here it is:
Freudian Slip-cover
by James F.

I was nervous; never been in therapy before. The diplomas on the wall intimidated me. Assuming humor to be a good ice-breaker, I said, "So, Doc, ever been on this couch yourself?" He slammed down his pen and snarled, "We are here to talk about your marital problems, not mine."
There were a few comments from his readers putting down a fellow doc of the cloth, and rightly so. The doc's proper response should have been to flip his pen upwards and back, preferably with a little spin, not to slam it on the desk. Slamming a pen is very unprofessional, I feel.

Thanks James,



AuthorMomWithDogs said...


I bet at least one of the reasons you're so good at what you do is that you have a wonderful sense of humor!

therapydoc said...

Yes, one of my secret fantasies is doing stand-up. As a vegetarian, this would work for me.

chana said...

Woooo!! Defensive much?!

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