Sunday, June 10, 2007

That carnival

The Carnival on All Substances (must I define this?) . . .

should be up this evening. So I'll accept stories until tonight, then we're up and running.

You can associate with my motley crew by submitting a recovery story or something 12-step related, at Here's the Submission Form.

If you use words like "motley" you had better prove your undying loyalty to program somehow.

Cheers! (not)



Kate said...

Thanks for a great carnival. I've done a speed link back.

I wouldn't know if having a drink before bed or keeping your baby in bed with you is a British thing or not. I'm Canadian and I live in Germany.

Actually, co-sleeping means babies and children sleep with their parents to form a stronger attachment. It is especially good for women who have to go back to work when their children are very young. Naturally, there are safety rules to be observed.

therapydoc said...

KATE-thanks for your post.

When I was young, my first born were twins, so co-sleeping, ANY sleeping was valued. Once I woke up with a baby next to me and lifted him gently to return him to his crib. His twin brother was not in the other crib where he should have been.

I panicked, looked everywhere, finally ran next door to get my girlfriend Ava to help me. (FD was at work already).

We found him in my bed, doing just fine! Needless to say this made me a little more careful co-sleeping. A new concept, however, it's not.

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