February the Leap Month of Back 'acha

Who deigned to be associated with this blog?

Well, there's Jack, who lists me as a character in his cast of characters (those California bloggers are always thinking this way).

A Mother in Israel and I have been chatting and that interview is up on her blog as we speak. I couldn't have pulled it off if I hadn't been on vacation. No guts, as you know. Check out Mom on her smart and informational blog.

I'm not going to lie, it got a little personal.

And ever since I posted about that woman who busted her boyfriend out of jail, leaving the jaildogs to fend for themselves (she trained inmates at the local prison to train dogs that might otherwise have been destroyed, then took the high road with her jailbird lover), dog bloggers are good with me, and of course, I'm good with them.

So here's Neil's collection of posts, check him out at Natural Dog, naturally. But for cats, specifically, and how to deal with them when they need baths, you have to go to Cat in sight. Which you should, if you have cats.

Some people are brave, some strong, and sometimes they write well, too. You might consider this interesting blogger who posts on the hows and whens of telling other people about not-so-obvious physical problems. I'd say it would take trust to do that, and guts. Check this one out at Brass and Ivory. Excellent, excellent post.

Mark Rayner's always got something cute to say at The Swib. He's a satire-monger.

And for shaking the family tree, try I Want to Change My Family Tree.

We've been there before, why not try it again?

Estee is an artist I happen to really like.

Then there's Andrea Hess, Intuitive Consultant, at Empowered Soul Blog. I sense good things here.

And again, great writing on the blogosphere never ceases to make me happy. The personal blogs hook us with the stories because truth really is better than fiction. Check out the Doctor's Girlfriend, volunteering at the hospital, leading with heart.

As long as we're doing medical blogs, RehabRN has plenty to tell you.

Beachbums abound, head for SeaSpray, and take her with a grain of salt (this is my attempt at a pun).

Should you have a sincere hankering to see the Loch Ness Monster, 24 miles long, and who could blame you, check out Addy's blog.

As long as we're on a water theme, there's Pollywog's Pond. She lets kids blog there, so it feels young there. And she let me bark at the carnival, to continue the dog theme.

Nursing Voices has several poignant thoughts and stories. I like these kinds of things, poignancies and am proud that she included me, a non-nurse, in the care-taking genre. The blind leading the blind, seriously.

There's the best in making money on the web, at WebDosh, I'm not quite sure what the Dosh means, but it sounds so Hebrew, seriously.

Angie's a personal blogger with a nice sense of humor, thanks for that, Ang.

NotFaintHearted has the goods on technorati and links, or perhaps technorati has the goods on her, we're not sure, but thanks NFH.

And yet another new friend, Leora, writing well and enjoying it. Is it an addiction? Just ask her.

And you have to visit Birches, a whacky mix of poetry and would you believe, basketball. Makes sense if you think about it.

This time, this space. . . what else do you need to know?
And Fitbuff would be not stay fit were it not fitting for him to post about fitness. Say that 10 times, fast. Nice pic, btw, FB, of the Monday Carnival. I love it.

And if you've ever wanted to read this blog in another language, you have to see this. Health in Action posted How to Choose a Therapist on her blog in German. I think it's German. I'm so flattered, seriously.

Kellen's Corner liked that post about leaving your religion at the door, meaning the therapist leaves his or her religion at the door when doing the job. Surely a doc can't separate the self , particularly, but it's not something you talk about.

A stamp collector somehow found the post on Obsession! Probably because there's a STAMP on the post, the only pic on the post, actually. If you're a stamp person, check this out.

and that's it for today. Guess what? March means spring!



Jack said…
You can't be on my blogroll unless you are a character. It is one of the five immutable laws of blogging.
Chana said…

I wonder if you connect me with the aliases I have used here, LOL...
Thank you again for the thought-provoking interview. Jack, that explains a lot.
therapydoc said…
No, I'm pretty clueless in general. As they say in tennis, a little help?
Leora said…
Thanks for including me as a friend! My only complaint is that it is taking me so long to read through all the interesting links you posted...
SeaSpray said…
A grain of salt you say? Surely you know I'm serious! ;)

Thanks for the link. :)

Actually...I have secretly worried what my little ...ahem...imaginations reveal to you shrink types, but shhhh...don't tell anyone.

I think some of my humor is my creative way of indirectly venting about my urology experiences among other things. :)
therapydoc said…
No worries, Sea Spray. I try not to think too hard while blogging.

SeaSpray said…
Blogging is wonderfully cathartic and actually helped me to deal with many of the medical concerns I had/have and experiences I have been through or might yet go through.

You could say it is my drug of choice. ;)
Mariposa said…
I have you! LOL I enjoy it here!
therapydoc said…
It's great to have a room full, isn't it?
Thanks so much for the kind words and the link. Many of your visitors have come through my blog and at least one has left a comment that I know of.

I appreciate the shout out and enjoy reading here as well.