Drug Seeking

As much as I'd love to give you that post on drug-seeking here, I can't. But it's over at TheSecondRoad.Org.

There's no sister post here on ENT like there should be, because right now I'm overwhelmed with changing the baby's diaper and playing Chomp (you'll see) with the other kids, and fielding phone calls from my practice because I'm out of town visiting family for yet another holiday.

It gets boring, I know, hearing that I have yet another holiday. But think of it this way, Another Jewish Holiday!

If you think of religion as the opiate of the masses, then come to think of it, we're drug-seeking as we speak. Cooking and cleaning before the holiday just so we can hang around for a couple of days and learn things, eat, socialize, pray a little. No work, nada. The guy on call will take your call.

I tend not to think of it this way, that religion is an opiate. I know from opiates, what they do to people. There are other classes of drugs that change how you feel, opiates are only one, and these tend to bite you in the end, too.

Sorry. So negative. So let's not focus on that. Next week will be different, I swear (no promises, scratch that). There's so much more to talk about, seriously, than how people like to get high. But if a person only wanted to read about or talk about how people love to get high and all the wonderful ramifications of that, then a blog like TheSecondRoad would serve that purpose nicely.

But we've barely, hardly talked about divorce on the blog. Maybe it's time.



Anonymous said…
Chag Sameach!
Retriever said…
Hope it is a happy and blessed holiday with loved ones for you. Now I will go off and ponder your idea of religion as an opiate. Obviously, Marx used it in the context of a painkiller, deadening the masses otherwise savage rage at their oppressors. A negative connotation. But I know people (not me) who have positive associations to getting high. Certainly, I have had a rush from marathon running in the past (runner's high) and from exertion leadin to accomplishment or birth of a kid. but religion for me is more about duty and effort, comfort and strength, sometimes vision, but not exhilaration or joy or peace usually. But the goal. thanks for the reminder. God bless. love from this Puritan New Englander :)
therapydoc said…
Right, exercise is totally the natural high.

For those of you who don't know, CHAG SAMEACH means, Happy holiday.
nashbabe said…
I loved that second road post, my friend the final year resident gets that all the time, it seems.j

And I also love that there are so many Jewish holidays, and view that with some degree of envy. :-)
Mark said…
Sounds like you are in a whirlwind of thought.
I have known many people who were drug-seeking and found religion, but it tended not to be the opiate they wanted. Some of them stuck with it and found it rewarding; others went on to the next stop in their search.