Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back a' cha'

It's been awhile since I did this, and of course feel guilty because people have been linking over here and there's been no time to link back, life's pretty crazy.

On the other hand, I just told my brother that when we want to make time, when we want to do something, there really quite a bit of it. Just last night it took me three tries to beat my Spider Solitaire game. To waste less time at this, I only allow myself one game and won't play every day, not even every week, but I replay the game until I beat it unless it's obviously going to be a losing battle. Apropos of nothing.

Anyway, there are some wonderful new and old bloggers that have yet to see the spotlight on this blog, and some who have but should be getting even more attention, so let's begin with. . . .

Samurai Scientist!, always setting me straight, no puns intended. Thanks, Sam.

Enlightening Darkness. Someone has to, seriously.

takes all of her readers to other people's blogs on a train. (I love trains). Visit her blog and get something of a work-out, a pleasant work-out.

Uppity-crip (a very smart, or better, intellectual to use her words, crip) rails against the Pres and the Disabilities Act and how we really aren't doing enough to help this community. This should be a priority, Mr. President, if you're listening, and I know you are.

Massage Therapy
has assembled a huge list of help sources, inspirational, no less, and included you know who, thanks.

Coming out of the Trees has been journaling, which inspired a post on that, thanks.

Dr. Deb
(in my top faves on the blogosphere, if not my phone, and what's with that company that only gives you like five faves for free)) writes about all kinds of things, but when she writes about the amygdalla, I'm inspired again. That post on over-eating, if I didn't put it out yet, inspired by her Thanks Doc.

Suzanne Reisman at BlogHer is on my team against poor Steve Harvey (he cannot win). She's not into faking it either, to have to raise a man's over-inflated even higher (not that we can't be esteeming, it's the way of doing it that bothers some people, like most feminists, for example.

And MoonMaid has a new baby! That can make a person want to get in touch with who they really are.

And there are probably lots of bloggers under the radar. I just found one that specializes in child abuse, one of my, Oh, yes LET'S talk about that faves. Check out the Columbia Child Psychologist.

I like One Angry Daughter, who writes about a narcissistic mother. Nothing like the personality disorders to boggle the mind. And as long as we're at war, Trench Warfare.

Wait, What just makes me happy to be her friend.

And The Retriever is always worth the ride.

BlogSocial Worker, a foodie, is married to a writer for a food and wine zine. What a match. I have to see Julia and Julia.

Then there's Anti-social Social Worker, of course.

Now That's Nifty is as what it says it is, check 'em out.

Interesting Pile included my list of famous bi-polar personalities. Thanks, Pile, for reminding me to post more lists.
Everyone loves a post with a number in front of it. Five Ways to . . .

Of course I link to myself, from The Second Road. Talk about narcissistic, self-serving, self-indulgent, oh, drop it.

And The Modulator has a huge assortment of modules to choose from. You're probably in there, too.

My buddy Jack has been busy. If you have a little time, check it out. Jack generally blogs at Random Thoughts.

If you like good photography and art, and who doesn't, check out Leora in HP.

And I get great chizuk (strength) from one of our rabbi bloggers, this time kvetching about aging. Oy. As old as you feel, dude.

This Time, This Space, well, how great a name is that for a blog?

Visit Isle Dance, get away. I do.

More Mindless Rambling keeps it short and sweet, not an easy task, you all know it if you like to write.

Subdural Flow put up a Dancing in the Streets vid, Martha (she's stunning, and check out the pant suit)and the Vandellas, tells us where she's at, this is a good place.

Technobabe tells a mother-daughter saga, lots of us like these.

Wendy lost her son and leaves a tribute for us.

Can't forget Bird on a Wire or Laura's psychology blog.

Harriet, To Meat or Not to Meet, has some great recipes. Oh, you foodies. I aspire to even trying, and you just put it out.

Marie isn't shying away from trauma. Read her at Coming out of the Trees.

Dreaming Again posts at Wanda's Wings, is definitely depending upon a higher power.

Shades of Ivory found an even better Come Back to Me song, and tells a really sad story, but it's a goodie.

gives a nice account of getting over some social insecurity stuff. Gotta' love that.

Sandy, PhD is Bloggin' Behavioral. I love her post on "shoulds". And that pic from the Sopranos, priceless.

Lola's Diner
is a definite must. I've got to find time to get over there for real.

I've not told too many people about my obsession with those little rubber yellow ducks that you put in the bath for little kids, mainly so they don't notice you're giving them a bath. So how could I not love Duck and Wheel with String?

Kewie and Smithie are moving, maybe this is why they're not blogging much.

SYD is my first blogger friend to works an Al Anon program, so I stop by at his blog to get chizuk (strength, rhymes with me-too, soft "ch") when I need it. Thanks, Syd. Everyone should work a 12-Step program, I feel. Addiction has nothing to do with it (well, that's debatable, I guess).

And I LOVE A Quarter Life Crisis.

Battle Weary and Mercury in Pisces took off for the summer, or so it seems. Not that's a novel concept.

Chris is a coach, and since trainers and coaches make our lives more manageable, check him out. I imagine a coach is a trainer, right Chris?

And Mark, my buddy at the Naked Soul, is about as soulful as it gets. You have to read him.

April the Optimist, over at Thriver, never fails, either.

White Trash Academic is awesome, always throwing it around, that phrase, white trash, which I love.

Imagineamaste is working on focus. Good luck, bubbala.

Lisa Marie's occasionally in a Dysfunctional Daze, but like, who isn't? Check her out.

Positively Present has hit the six month mark in blogging. Don't leave us! Going great!

Transitions and New Beginnings is getting good at transitions and new beginnings, a lesson, here.

Jim, of the water method, doesn't mind telling us that he played with GI Joe.

SocialWorker24/7, at Eyes Opened Wider, tells it like it is. 24-7.

Cate, at Project Subrosa, is, well, still expecting. b'shaah tovah (meaning, in the right time)

A Midianite Mama isn't something to miss, and she's blogging that he's just not into you, which he might not be, unfortunately.

And the link I missed somehow, Uppity. Sorry, C. and Third Time's a Charm.

Maybe best of all, Motherhood is Not for Wimps. Read DaMomma, she don' disappoint. And she agrees with me about the therapy thing, too.

Okay, who else did I miss? Let me know. No problem adding you.



Lou said...

Thank you for the nod! You are my favorite down to earth psycho-blogger.

After watching a few town hall meetings, it got me thinking how grand it would be if we all ran into the streets and danced together instead.

therapydoc said...

Now there's a thought .

lynetteb said...

thanks so much for the trackback... transitions are NOT easy, and i don't think they should be -- and i am working hard.

i love your blog and your style and your personal slant... thank you.

Cheryl said...

Thanks SO MUCH td, but the links not there...

Leora said...

Thanks. Did I link to you recently? You wrote a post that showed up in my Google Reader called Doubt. I guess you must have had some Doubt, because I don't see it here. In any case, here's a blog called Expose Molesters that I read sometimes, when I have the stomach to read it. Never sure what to do with it.

Shabbat Shalom.

Wait. What? said...

I rather like Lou's tag of you : Psycho Blogger - that fits!

Thank you for the link - and its feeling pretty darn good on my side getting to know you as well!


Mark said...

Great list, I look forward to exploring! Thanks for including me! Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Therapydoc -

Thank you so much for the attention! I have been quite a few hits from your post!

I sure enjoy your writing, also!

- Marie (Coming Out of the Trees)

Retriever said...

Thanks, td! Always a fan and learn so much from your stories and your compassion. Love, r

Rachie317 said...

Hey! Thanks for the trackback!

therapydoc said...

You're all welcome. Psycho-blogger? Don' know. Why not, I guess.

Wendy said...

Therapy Doc,
Thanks for the mention and link to my son Caleb. I was in crisis mode today - 2 days after his 26th birthday. Quit therapy, quit meds... Sad, sad, sad.

Then I pull up your site, and see me there, click and go look at Caleb - there is a candle from a friend we lost 20 years ago - Glen!!! OMG And suicide has struck again, he has lost his wife recently to the same "disease".

How did he find us??? He reads Everyone needs Therapy and saw my name - thought I know someone by that name, but never imagined it could be the same person. He was so shocked to see what happened to that little, crazy 6 year old boy he loved so much!

How can I quit now? Thank you. Wendy

The Rebbetzin's Husband said...

Thanks for the link! I'm sorry to say I pulled that post, though... I didn't feel it was ready for primetime.

Charlie said...

Your link to my time-wasting page is much appreciated!

Charlie of Interesting Pile

One Angry Daughter said...

Thanks for the mention! I've gotten so much out of your blog :)!

I can totally relate to the Spider Solitare... I have no idea how much time I have wasted, game after game until I win... and then when I win I can only think of all the time I just wasted!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for blowing my horn! I really enjoy reading here and I plan on checking out everyone else here this weekend.

Lisa said...

Thank you for the linkage! :)

Wendy said...

Therapy Doc - Thanks for the great blog with all the wonderful links. I have had a great weekend checking everyone out! Priceless!

Unknown said...

Many thanks, therapydoc, you're too kind!

p.s. I love these kinds of posts since they give such a great opportunity for new reads. I hope to run into you over at some (new to me) blogs!

Samurai Scientist said...

Thanks very much for the nod, I just noticed that. Your posts are always great, personal and informative, I know they help a lot of people through the day.

J said...

Love your blog, keep it up!

Jim Valeri said...

Thank you SOOOO much! Also,you've officially given me a whole list of blogs to check out(saving me the trouble of finding them)! So thanx for that too.

And there's nothing wrong with G.I. Joe. Right? ;)

Anonymous said...

Do you use trackbacks? I'm new to the world of blog linking and yours is a blog I read all the time and get a lot of inspiration from. I'd love to link back to it more often and I'm trying to figure out this track back and pinging stuff!

Reas Kroicowl said...

Wow!!! That's a lot of blogs. I'm falling behind on my reading! Thanks for the mention, TD. I really, really appreciate it. And thanks, as always, for your wise words.

Bloggers unite!!! Reas

Chris Edgar said...

You got it, I'm a trainer -- now drop and give me 20. Thanks for the appreciation!

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