Tuesday, August 21, 2018


Well, I liked putting out that post on breathing. It felt good to write to educate people again.

But then I forgot to send links to it to new people who subscribed by sending me their email addresses, rather than rely upon the feed-- as recommended :). And I felt guilty about that, naturally, and I thought, do I write about that guilt?

Maybe.  But not now.

Not blogging regularly hadn't been intentional, rather there was too much else to do. And now, with a research project in full swing, there's even less of that. But for some goofy reason here we are, me talking to you again, you reading along. You have no idea how nice that is for me.  But maybe you do!

Because at some point, who does the therapist talk to? We've discussed this before, consulting, even socializing with other therapists. But at 5 a.m.  Who then?  It's good to vent, no? Just write things down, whether anyone is listening or not. It's called bibliotherapy. Talking when you know someone is listening is even more therapeutic, once considered THE healing agent, above all. Maybe it still is. I haven't kept up with the outcome research.

So maybe there will be more from me here, now that I've figured out how to log into Blogger again.
There's no one else to tell things, to kvetch. Like, what do I do when the Rabbi complains about bowling alleys, that a person can't look up at his score without having to see Tiger Woods golfing on the screen next to his bowling score (he took the kids on vacation). What do I say, "Hey Rabbi, watch it. Some of us like bowling and we really don't care what's on those screens, and by the way, usually it's baseball.

Don't throw out the baby with the bathwater. Also, maybe Tiger has attended a 12-step program by now, is a model citizen.

You see, there are other thoughts about it these things. 

Yours in vanity posts, 


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