Friday, May 30, 2008

Back a' cha May 2008

I'm a little rusty at this and apologize in advance if I forgot anybody. Please forgive me if that happened and shoot me an email. And try not to be too angry, okay?

And if you've ever felt insulted in any way in the comments, believe me, it's not intentional. Ever.

The Back 'a cha' is the place I traditionally link back to the bloggers who link to me. Sometimes you get on the sidebar with a hyperlink, but that sort of thing takes a lot of time away from the things we should really be doing in life.

Like the stuff some people remind themselves about soon after they wake up, before that first hot cup (the old Eastern European way of saying hot water, tea, or coffee):

honoring parents (seriously), doing acts of kindness (why not?), welcoming visitors, visiting the sick, escorting the dead, prayer, learning, establishing peace among people. That sort of thing.

Don't click off now, I'm just getting going. People really do this.

Linking to other bloggers has to be in there somewhere. So allow me to direct you to several stellar individuals, people who waste less, more, or as much time as I do in this idleness:

First, there's Beyond Blue, who shares her personal journey and was kind enough to tell her readers, Check out that CNN article about blogging and group therapy!

Pink Hollyhock bemoans the lack of hats (great pictures here, if you happen to like hats). Check her post on high tea.

Eclectic blog is a nice personal blog and she's got a baby, always a draw.

Letters from Exile is catching up on her sleep. (Well, she was when I started this post, a few weeks ago)

I found Blog Rhetorica on Technorati (where I drop 50,000 points a day, lately, so officially, I don't care or like them anymore and am dropping them from my fave 5, whatever that is).

Add an "a" at the end of most things good or bad and they are better. Try it. Fantastic becomes fantastica. Horrible, horribla. Tremendous, tremendousa. We could go on all night.

Emeritus, at Parallel Universe (very cool pics), is a physician and hosts the Change of Shift blog carnival for nurses, which is nice.

We have to spend big bucks to visit islands, but Isle Dance lives on one.

Moonmaid's baby's kicking. (These are the kinds of things I take away from posts) B'shaah tovah (it should be in the right hour).

And Psychologyistics actually reprinted the CNN article, which is cool. At first, when I saw it, I thought Anna Jane Grossman, the journalist, had her own blog. So if you go there and think my comment makes no sense, that's why.

Jirel is always being positive, over at positive and successful, so if you prefer negativity, pass.

And they chose me as the top post at this carnival, You Finish Rich.
As we say, from your mouth, to His ears.

If you know French, this is great. Franck, writes about the CNN article in French. I'm not really sure what it says, unfortunately, but I said thanks anyway.

Which brings me to the Japanese translation I threw into the Jerry Springer post. I had copied the translation from a Google link, posted it, and Pam, a blogger who translates Japanese for a living , pointed out that what I had copied was actually a request for blog posts, not the translation of Treasure every encounter. . . She sent me the correct Japanese. Thanks Pam!

Maybe it's because I get all excited about hobbies and music, but this blogger has found 50 places to take music lessons on-line. So if you're interested in giving guys named David a run for their money next year on American Idol, check it out.

The best are you wonderful people protecting me from cougars (the naturally furry ones, not the older women hitting on younger men). Angie and April, at A Great Leap in the Dark, thanks.

Speaking of cats.

And Kabbage has dogs.

Educators visit here, and I visit there, and occasionally post at their carnivals. Here's a really good one.

Mazal tov to budding professionals who graduated this year.
We have a news anchor! News Anchor Mom, thanks!
And therapists of all kinds, TherExtras, for example, tres intelligent.

Dr. Deb is AMAZING, always, a virtual illusion.

And check into The Pasadena Therapist, lest we forget California. I'll be there soon.

Try this new one, Psych 101, as long as you're tweaking your mental health.

And Jeanie in Paradise (How do you get there Jeanie?)

More on pets, The Modulator

We let lawyers into our party but they have to be on our side.

We can't forget Jack, constantly singing happy birthday to Israel. Thanks, Jack for keeping up the mo, and MomInIsrael, too, and Leora. Not to mention Conservadox, Ilanadavita. On the other hand, let's mention her :)

Of course, I love bloggers into recovery

And the young bloggers make me happy, for sure.

Talk about making lemonade out of lemon juice, or is that lemon juice out of lemons, make mine pie, Joyful Seeker's spouse asserted and bam! the boss gives him a better job.

And I love the happiness going around in The Life and Times of Sancho Knotwise. Two months until the wedding and they don't seem worried at all!

It was a good month. For the most part.



Isle Dance said...

Oh wow - love this summary of readers! (And now I want to invite everyone over for a visit!) Thanks bunches for reaching out with all of this. :o)

Anonymous said...

Hi Therapydoc,

Thanks for the wonderful link. I know you have been continously participating in the carnival I am hosting and hope will do the same in coming days as well.

Anonymous said...

What a lot of reading to enjoy!

Leora said...

Thanks for the link. I find the most interesting bloggers via your comments.

that sort of thing takes a lot of time away from the things we should really be doing in life I am now feeling guilty that one of my hobbies is tweaking my sidebar. Well, sometimes I spend time examining other blogger's sidebars (and giving them suggestions). So then at least it has a social aspect.

therapydoc said...

But I'm thinking these things are community acts :)

Radical Reminders said...

Thanks for doing this monthly :) i always look forward to it!

jeanie said...

lol - I don't know how I got here - but you got onto my blogroll because I always enjoy reading you and I know my readers, when wandering, would be refreshed by a visit your way.

Anonymous said...

my morning would not be complete with out check my blogs: You, BBLue (i love her too), imaginif, Sacred space .ie and CT and all of it various wonderful facets...I have my coffee and my therapy and it is all good.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand French or Yiddish (or Hebrew - which is correct?). That was a compliment, wasn't it?

I am honored to be mentioned, therapydoc. My rant from last Monday is still on top. Last week I was unusually focused on one event. I'll post tomorrow.

therapydoc said...

Yes, I fear I'll put myself out of business :)

la said...

OOh, hello! *waves*

Thank you for linking to me!

I'm just getting round to catching up on my blog reading :)

shraddha said...

Thank you so much for linking me!
Its an honor.
Thank you once again.

Syd said...

Good list and good stuff over here. I'd be interested in your thoughts on adult ADD and alcoholism. I just posted about a friend who I think may also have ADD. Not sure that alcoholism or the dry drunk may explain his actions entirely.