Friday, June 27, 2008

The Dream, The Sub-text

I try to keep my text messaging down because AT&T is taking me to the cleaners. But the other day I sent this one to Empath Daught, couldn't shake the image in my head. Recurring memories are symptoms of Acute Stress Disorder, but we didn't make all the criteria here, thankfully.
Last night I had a dream that a dictator of a southasian country took me captive and locked me into a small box.

U were with me and also in a box, but somehow you persuaded him to let us have bigger boxes.

Between you and me, I think Aba was hogging the bed.

Love you, mom
Aba is FD, of course, her father. You might read all kinds of things into this, but dreams aren't always that complicated. On the other hand, I'm not taking a vacation any time soon.



Mark said...

Very cool, thanks for sharing!

Jack Steiner said...

Dream interpretation is pretty cool.

Emily said...

Haha, that is a great dream!

The revolution will be... bigger boxes for all!

Anonymous said...

so what do you think the dream means?
Do you feel Boxed in by life or are you (or your life segemented into boxes and you want to create a whole....

Annie said...

I thought for a minute your dream was about "Cool Hand Luke". If you go against the boss-you spend a night in the box. I hope you have seen this Paul Newman flick otherwise this comment is really silly?! Annie

Jack Steiner said...

I can eat more than 60 eggs- loved Cool Hand Luke.

the Bag Lady said...

Glad to hear you have silly dreams, too!
And I'm sure you're right about hubby hogging the bed. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, right?

therapydoc said...

Right, a cigar is just a cigar. We have to talk about this, though, that kids are smoking cigars now,not cigarets.

JACK- DON'T eat 60 eggs. Please!

And yes to that revolution!

But no, I can't remember Cool Hand Luke, so fill me in here.

If I start thinking about being boxed in I'll get claustrophobic. As it is I leave most parties a little early (some very early) because I can't take the stress.

So interpret away, friends. Your guess is as good as mine.

On the other hand, isn't it common to want things bigger? We were just talking about this vis a vis fish tanks.

Fish tanks, boxes. We may be getting warm here.

Tempy said...

Hey, thanks for reading my story and commenting. :-) I was feeling strange last night after putting all that out there and wondered how it would be received. So thank you :-)

Isle Dance said...

If it's really okay for me to interpret...

You/your daughter are smart and aware, which men with control issues do not like. Hence, a male trying to put a stop to it.

Your daughter might enjoy employing a bit more unnoticed leverage under such circumstances.

The hubs believes you two gals will handle these things fantastically.

therapydoc said...


Anonymous said...

this is a wierd dream for sure, by the way, now that you activated post pages, you like it doc?

therapydoc said...

Raj, what did I do? I didn't change anything. The settings were already set exactly as you suggested. So I didn't change it. I'm lost and don't mind it. It's okay.

Margo said...

MOM - that was a LONG text message! I think all I wrote back was "u r weird."

But now I think I'm gonna add "good to be stuck in a box with" to my resume.


Mariposa said...

Love the negotiation for a bigger box! LOL

I get to have weird dreams too, and most of the time I call my GrandMa to interpret it...if it's a good one...nice, if not...I forget about it! :)