June back a' cha

This is your not-so-monthly monthly round up of some of the bloggers who have linked to me on their blogs, a thank you kind of thing, and a welcome to my world, even if you've been out here longer than me, and many of you have.

It's a community. If we wanted, we could probably attend religious services.

If I missed you this round, sorry. I'll get to you another day, blee neder.*

You know I have a soft spot for the wild creatures and have mentioned Bambi, who apparently is a male, and it was nice of you not to correct me in a previous post, although I wouldn't have minded. Deer don't seem very wild to me, not really. Time Thief tells us about the deer totem in a sad true story that reinforces how little I know about animals.

For those of you interested in medicine and nursing,
Nurse Ratched can break your heart.

Feminists who link to other feminists are my friends. Check out FeministGal.

Personal bloggers would be, Friday's Child, Amanda's Blog
and Simple Harmonic.

And you have to read Spontaneously Combusting Onions (how's that accomplished?)

Check out Magan's Blog Spot for really nice use of color and family musing.

Educator bloggers include the Adjunct Professor. In case you don't know, adjunct means too much work, too little money, and a tiny, if any, modicum of respect.

More therapy bloggers: Myshrink.com reads ENT and has plenty to say about you, and maybe her, too, getting therapy. . .We all have our stuff, she says. Read more on therapy and being insecure at Joylene's blog.

You bet.

We got a nod for that homosexuality post at Pink Hollyhock. I don't think I ever mentioned, but those flowers grew like crazy in our backyard for years when the kids were growing up. No idea why they stopped.

And I can't stop thanking CNN for writing about me and keeping my anonymity, too :)

As far as recovery goes, I love Syd's blog, and it doesn't hurt that gray background is so easy on the eyes.

Dave Pollard's got a recipe for How to Save the World, fascinating, captain.

To feel what it's like to live in Israel, read Elms in the Yard, coping with successfully with fever, never fun, and noise from the street party.

And there's Barbara, spleening about intimacy, so not alone.

And there's sex, of course, specifically the Carnival of Sex and Sexuality.

Have fun and be safe,


*blee neder is a reference (in Hebrew) to not making promises, just in case you don't keep them, which is bad, usually.


Clueless said…
By the way, I never said anything, but I've had you on my blogroll for sometime.
Amber said…
Gotta love how CNN does its links... I get linked to all of the time. I feel like writing to them and saying hey... credit please?? And where is my pay???

Its actually done by computer who scans all blogs for key words...

At least they could get the name right! Sheesh