Annoucements, Corrections, and Mirror Terrorists

I know I said I wouldn't blog during this 8 day holiday, but I have to make a quick announcement and a correction.

The announcement:
Something has to be done about mirror terrorists.

Mirror terrorists are people who knock off your side-view mirror and run.

Some have been known to leave notes before running. They'll even pay for the damage. That happened to me last fall. I left Jewel, the local grocery store, with a cart full of groceries to find a note stuck to my pathetic-looking dangling side-view mirror.

Sorry, I'll pay for it.

He scribbled his name and number on a grocery receipt and was indeed, true to his word. Marshall made a few bucks.

I don't call note-leavers mirror terrorists, but Marshall does. He fixes cars in West Rogers Park and he gets work from at least one mirror terrorist a week.

Anyway that was last fall, and here it is springtime and it's happened again, only this time, no note. So. . .to whomever knocked off my side-view mirror a week ago Friday at a drive-way on Touhy:

I mochel (forgive) you. You can sleep at night.

And thanks, F.D., for putting it back on.

F.D., by the way, always willing to give people the benefit of the doubt, is SURE the wind blew off my mirror.

Here's the correction: In the Awards post I thanked my producers, Mom & Dad but forgot to include the Old Mighty (how my grandfather referred to G-d) as a full partner in (re)production.


Three more days of matzah to go.



BlondeSwtP said…
Happy Easter holidays & to matzah :)

Hope all is well & said about the mirror terroists. Tis sad & am glad I haven't seen or heard about that in our area. Then again, Fargo is a little behind in ways.

Take care & thanks for popping by. Yah, the hand outs everyone once in a while are very helpful & I am always glad to give credit for everyone's words :) HugZ!
TherapyDoc said…
thanks, you, too. I try to visit everyone's blogs, but time is so limited. I can't believe I blog, sometimes.