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Jumpstarting a Dead Blog

Jumpstarting a Dead Blog It’s Saturday night and I say to FD, ‘I can’t believe I’m resurrecting the old blog.’ He’s noncommittal. In 2006, when I first started blogging, there were virtually no blogs on mental health and mental illness. Now you can get whatever you want, whatever you need, in all kinds of places online. So what’s the point in blogging, my thinking the past five years. FD, ‘So what’s the point again?’ I go, ‘Well, to market a book you have to network on social networking sites and for me to do that would mean establishing some kind of Internet presence, which therapydoc had at one time then frivolously let it waste away. Everyone Needs Therapy didn’t even go to hard cover as an agent suggested it should. In those days literary agents scoured the Internet for bloggers with content that might make a good book.’ Did you even start the book? Well yes, of course. I even have copyright on the title! That's how much of it is on paper. Virtual papers. Why did

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