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 It seems so easy to me, apologizing, or taking something back that I shouldn't have said. That sense of my bad is so jarring, so upsetting. There's baggage to it, triggers (if something feels bad it is because something else is at work). Someone is mad at me, someone doesn't like me. So to get rid of the baggage someone like me will be quick to own responsibility for messing up. It feels easy, like removing a finger from a hot burner on the stove.  That's when we're aware. We're all like this to some degree. When we know, when we're aware of the feelings of others and that they will ricochet back to hurt us, we're motivated to reverse the damage. We'll say, I'm sorry . But as the good doctor/rabbi Peter Rosenzweig likes to say, about 99% of what is happening around us isn't available to us, it's unconscious.  Or maybe it was 95%.  You get the idea.  The interesting thing about the subject of apologies is that we know there are people w

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