July Back 'Acha

Your monthly recap of bloggers who linked over here, t'anks. If I forgot you, or didn't see your link, let me know and I'll catch your act at the end of August.

And the winner is. . .drum roll, please Shadchan Shadchan (Matchmaker), a must if you're in the mood for a good anecdote.

How about a new family therapy blogger? We need as many as we can get. Family thinking.

And if you just love corn, Amazing Love Stories. You can post your own, I think.

Isle Dance is putting up love videos. Islands, love. Sheesh.

Or stories from the field, the mental health field, I mean, Trench Warfare.

On the same turf is AntiSocial Social Worker who suggests,
every single person voted into office should have to spend AT LEAST a month working at a minimum wage job and living solely off their income
Honey, no one would go into politics, and you know it.

Blue Jean Social Worker won't dress up the part. Love it, BJ.

Nashbabe's world can be grueling, too, but she gets by with a little help from her friends.

Another personal blogger, Shea, can't complain about her guy. So boring, S., no complaining? Well, not today.

The Rebbetzin's Husband likes his denial. To which I say, We never take away the umbrella until it stops raining. He'll also link you to a place that rates your blog for objectionable content. We rate, peeps, over here, very objectionable, thank you, for using words like rape. Sigh. Rape, rape, rape, sex, sex, sex. Just driving up my ratings.

And just in case you've ever been just a little jealous of people who have hot tubs? Read day by glorious day on the jacuzzi. Or should that be, in the jacuzzi.

Talk about personal. If you've ever wanted to nurse a baby you'll have to deal with people staring while feeding (assuming you don't live in a cave), check this blogger.

On media we have A Record. Erin talks books and music, the finer things in life.

And over there in Highland Park, NJ, you can learn how a real photographer works her art.

Jack hosted a carnival . More Jewish, political/Israel stuff. Do we get tiresome? Do we run the media? Anyone see that one on Law and Order? Jack's great as a carnival host. Jack. You must see Cirque.

Chaos Theory says that my post on the matchmaking system makes a person want to drink heavily. I havet to tell you that for a Jew, drinking heavily means more than one shot, one beer, or one glass of wine.

For a more sobering look on life, read my old friend Marcella, who says that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. She's talking about abuse, rape, stuff people don't want to hear about but should (her rating must be awesome for objectionable). Speaking of which, did anyone read that CNN story about the rapes of Muslims in Bosnia? How do people live with themselves?

Consent of the Governed has all kinds of links, but if you liked being a boy scouts or a girl scout (even if you hated it) you'll love the way Consent organizes them.

Oh, You're a Feminist tells us how to put our blab into action. And here you thought you could just blab, but no.

Crackers and Juice Boxes (remember those?) is in recovery from child abuse. It takes time, but there is no end in sight when you start with juice boxes. Pretty soon it's Slurpies, and Dairy Star, all kinds of recovery coping strategies. Great blog, CJB.

CoffeeYogurt likes a guy in a cowboy hat. Mmmmm

A Room of Mama's Own
fills us in on autism, parenting, sex addiction, and lots more.

MoriTherapy is always worth a look, a good critical eye, forever looking around for campy intellectual stuff.

And for FOOD, it's gotta' be IlanaDavita.

Don't forget:
Dr. Sanity (whaddaya think?)

NadNedNadNed (you have to read her to see what she means)

Okay. Back to work. I'm running late because of you. Joking, joking. Here are just a couple more then it's heet (see ya') for back 'acha til next month.

DC Boms

In the Pink




I've Got a Little Space to Fill

And I'm all out of space. Have a great weekend.



Leora said…
Thanks for the link! I'll review the others on Sunday morning, bli neder.

Shabbat Shalom.
(actually, I'm more like an artist who takes photos and doctors 'em up and throws digital paint on them than a photographer. Sometimes I just let the photo be).
Shea said…
Thanks for the mention!! Believe me - there are negatives, just don't have the urge to share. Give me time, ha!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the shout out, and for continuing to represent social work so well on the web yourself.
antiSWer said…
Hey, thanks for the link. I was wondering where the extra traffic was coming from.

And wouldn't it be kind of great if no one went into politics? Just a thought. ;)
Anonymous said…
Thanks a lot for the link.
Mama Bear said…
Thanks for the link!!!
Thanks for the link. It sure helps to get support from the beginning. And thanks for introducing everyone out there. It's been great getting to know people.

Anyway, you can be sure I'll keep on reading (and linking!). I love your style and choice of topics - fantastic.

Aw, thanks for the linky love! :)