Chicago Gay Men's Chorus

Rushing to the office after spending too much time writing that last post, I caught NPR's special on this chorus.

I checked 'em out right away, rushing so fast I go to work early.

No matter your feelings on homosexuality, I'll bet you'll love these performances. The second is almost barbershop, and the first totally goes on the sidebar under Things That Make You Feel Good.

I'll get to that one day.

Jimmy, Jimmy

Vive L'amour



Cat said…
Good music is the cure for many, many things for me!
Anonymous said…
has an article about an experimental program for people with depression getting help on line. Have you heard of this?
therapydoc said…
Yes, and I concur that it's possible that this will be the wave of the future. But it sure sounded like an advertisement to me :)

I love it though, when I do this work via the webcam. It's always amazing how close it seems to reality.

Very much like these relationships are real relationships, for what it's worth.
Kim said…
Thanks for posting those links...wonderful!