Technorati is a site that features technology writers, bloggers of all sorts, and the news. When I started blogging back in 2006 my daughter suggested I toss a Technorati cookie into one of my posts, let them monitor my traffic. Let me know how cool I am.

So for awhile, like some of you, maybe, I checked once a week to see how Everyone Needs Therapy ranked. And over time, like most of my fancies, my attention diminished.  My numbers did, too, probably because these depend upon posting often, at least a few times a week.

Anyway, they wrote to me last week, the folks at Technorati, asked if I wanted to write for them! Maybe everyone gets an invitation, I don't know, they do have hundreds of writers.  But it's so easy to flatter me, seriously, pathetically easy. (You do know why some of us are more prone to that, right? Something to do with veiled narcissism.)

So I shot off an opinion piece about a favorite topic, Kids and Sex, a response to a Yahoo story about second-graders performing sex acts in class -- they're wearing their birthday suits in class, learning about things definitely not in the curriculum.  

I pray it isn't true.  And if it is true, you have to wonder:  How does such a thing happen?

The teacher is suspended, if that makes anyone feel any better.  Somehow I don't.



Aren't we all kind of naturally predisposed towards finding flattery..well..flattering..? Just like how we're preconditioned to like chocolate and "A League Of Its Own"..? :)
Leigh said…
Congratualtions! I just wish Technorati didn't stick you in that create flower bedecked "women"ghetto section. Male readers should get a chance to read your stuff too, seriously.
-K said…
Great news!
therapydoc said…
Thanks, but the google ads are apparently attached to emails and some readers are upset. Anyone else feeling that pain?
porcini66 said…
Not me. I'm hale and hearty and know how to use that ole delete button if I don't like something! :)

Do you get to earn some money with the google ads? I don't see why you shouldn''s all well and good to write because you love it. But if you love it and you get a little pocket change, too?? More power to ya!
therapydoc said…
Before I switched to the new Blogger I had Google ads for years. When they sent me a check for $100.00 I fell off my chair.
Beth M Stoddard said…
That is so exciting!!! I have been working hard on my blog, website and improving my web presence. We live in such an internet based world, I think it is important to have a web presence even if this is not the main way you get client referrals.
Syd said…
Kids and sex--I am seeing more and more of that since I have been working with middle school kids. The age at sexual maturity has decreased. I think that it may have to do with all the hormones in food.
Les said…
I really enjoy your blog, but I wasn't familiar with the Technorati site before I clicked the link to your article. Indeed, to echo Leigh, why did they stick your article under the nebulous "women" heading? Because you are a female writer? Was the subject material deemed relevant only to women, and/or too titillating for men to handle? A Technocrappy decision!