Whitney Houston Found Dead

The bloggers are saying that Ms. Houston's untimely death at 48 is drug related. She admitted to struggling with them in a 2002 interview with Dianne Sawyer. Under pressure from fans, perhaps from family, too, she has been in and out of rehab for years.

It's heartbreaking. In therapy (some would call it vaudeville therapy, at times), it is so hard not to break into song, and Whitney's song, I Will Always Love You, generally gets a laugh. But nobody's laughing now.

So many love songs. Didn't We Almost Have It All, You Light Up My Life, How Will I Know, Greatest Love, I Will Always Love You and more.

Quintessential Whitney Houston. She fell from fame, she died on the eve of the Grammy's.  You have to wonder, really, if this was not intentional, a suicide.  Millions will read the biography, wanting to know more. I'll want to know the depths of her narcissism (losing her voice, losing her fans) and the depths of depression, and if there was some way to save the pop star.

But at the end of the day will posit that women get sicker quicker, is all. We don't do well with drugs and alcohol. Our bodies aren't made for toxins. Men somehow tolerate them better, some who live self-destructively get a decade or so more.

Such a beautiful woman, right? We should have been able to see her age, gracefully, as time goes on, like so many Hollywood icons. Is it a Forest Gumpism, crazy is as crazy does? I hate that word, crazy, but it sums up psychotic mental illness, when a person goes to extremes, takes a life. If it even is a suicide, of course.



Allie said…
I also made a post about Whitney on my blog! So very true what you state. I too will be curious to find out exactly what happened. Check out my blog at:


Mark p.s.2 said…
I think it is hard to live knowing your best days are behind you. If someone was a star, being just another average Joe/Jill must hurt extra worse.
Houston could have slipped in the bathtub-banged her head.
Beverly Diehl said…
It seemed like Whitney was getting back on the right track, so many times. So sad, that she simply could not find her way back to the vibrant woman we loved and admired.
therapydoc said…
Thanks, and Mark, you're so right. What goes up, usually comes down.
Such a sad story. Just shows that anyone can struggle with drugs and alcohol.