Tina Fey and Competitive Gymnastics

(1) Wish I could embed Tina Fey's very short rant about "legitimate" rape. You'll have to follow the link if you're interested.

The part about how merely repeating something that is "dumb" can essentially "dumb" a person down is something to think about.  It's why your momma tells you to watch what you say, and why your therapist will suggest that you think it don't say it, or write it don't send it.


As a reminder, this isn't a political blog, and linking to Tina Fey, not a political statement.
As if there is a way to communicate in the world and not be political.

(2). Should we talk about Halloween instead?  How it is the dentists are the ones to score, not the kids?
Making my mother an appointment, the receptionist says, "Oh!  Wednesday!  Halloween."

Bonus time, perhaps.

But here's a dilemma.  What if you leave the country, go far, far away, and all your grandkids ask from you is to bring back candy from a tiny middle eastern country?

Do you say no?

Candy is a universal language

Pressure.  I say it is the parents' job to teach them to brush, no?



If you're there, don't forget to bring kosher Cheetos/Doritos (forgot which one).
therapydoc said…
Too late! What was I thinking?
catherine said…
it's interesting to me that you say this is not a political blog... i understand that you wouldn't want to tell people who to vote for, and that kind of thing... but to me, mental health is very political... from the issue of access to services (so often determined by race, class, and geography), to trauma (which is to my mind at the root of so many mental health difficulties, and has a definite gendered dimension to it), to discrimination and stigma against those with mental illnesses... all "political" in a sense...
therapydoc said…
That's absolutely true. The only reason I avoid talking about the politics of mh is that I'm conflict avoidant in general. And politics is always contentious. I realize it is something to work on. Don't need to do that here, however.
Cheryl said…
You missed the chocolate bars w/pop rocks in them. How could you?!
therapydoc said…
Yo Cher, I'll remember for next time. Where are you blogging these days? Can't find one.
getting better said…
Hate the dentist, good luck to your mum xx

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