Sunday, June 04, 2023

The Book, Everyone Needs Therapy

Dear Friends, 

I took a look at the text of a nonfiction book that I wrote somewhere between 2010 and 2016 and it's not half bad. 

EVERYONE NEEDS THERAPY even has a copyright! I must have been pretty serious about publishing it, and fearful (we'll talk about that) that someone would steal my words (such conceit, okay, enough talk). So I might have been very serious about publishing it and then something, as usual, got in the way. 

In the meanwhile FD and I moved into a high-rise, a tall condominium, and having never lived in a condominium are blown away by how things work and don't work in condominiums. Things simply happen, generally due to oversights and neglect. There might be what you hope is a fire drill but is not. Someone who had one too many let his cigaret drop and well, things burn. You can't make this up, we would say. Weekly. And this is considered a great place, and it is. If people are what makes a place great, that it is.

So because life imitates are, I must write a satire of my life, a novel, satire turned ridiculous, turned poignant, because after all, I am therapydoc. CONDO, the novel, is complete and I could use a few good readers. So if you are interested in that email me at By now the Russians have surely lost interest in me. It's been over a decade. 

Literary agents, as long as we are talking about publishing, are full of advice about these things, and one of them told me to beef up my online presence, not hard to do since I have none. Anyone reading right now, and those of you who buy on Facebook Marketplace, well, you're my people. But back in the day there were thousands of you. Two thousand, TBH which is basically zero in the publishing world. 

We learn from everything we do or should, and from blogging, a faith exercise for five years plus, I learned that pictures are important. They drive attention to the eye, whereas text is pretty boring. 
Stone Mountain, Atlanta Georgia

That's why you see a view of Stone Mountain. It is easy to take pictures of things that don't move, even things that do move, as long as they don't object, things like mountains and butterflies. But it's hard to take pictures of the things that I like to write about, namely sadness, sad people, or anxiety, or anxious people, or people in general who have not given permission to be subjects for photographs. Not partial to invading anyone's privacy, you get nature photography here.  

The other thing the agents say, aside from developing an online presence and using photographs, is to capture attention with memes or simply, good writing, work that touches people in some way or another. 

Hopefully that's what I'm going to do in the next posts, for however long I can keep that going. I'll feature bits of EVERYONE NEEDS THERAPY, the book. 

And no, I have no agent, so if you are looking for somebody to represent, HERE I AM.

Thanks friends, for making me happy. The very thought that this could go somewhere makes me happy, hopeful. And as I must have told a few thousand patients, clients, call them what you will, hope is everything. Happy is her younger sister.



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