Using your friends' Jokes

we may as well go all the way.

I need jokes.

Genius Doc started me off tonight (it wasn't bad enough that it took all my energy not to burst into that silly song all day long, Walking on Sunshine, see post below this one.

See listening to music's a coping strategy and so is keeping it light, telling jokes.

Here's G.D.'s.

Setting: We're in the car, I've just picked him up from work, it's been a long day and I'm not concentrating on what he's saying (but I'm trying, I'm hungry)

G.D.: Today I saw a Cleopatrian.

T.D.: Oh.

G.D.: Yeah, it was interesting.

T.D.: Wait. . .What's a... Cleopatrian?

G.D.: You of all people should know what a Cleopatrian is.

T.D.: No, seriously. I don't. (I'm thinking it must be something sexual, flashing on how Elizabeth Taylor filled out her low-cut dress in that movie with Richard Burton.)

G.D.: You really don't know?

T.D.: Tell me.

G.D.: A Cleopatrian is a Queen of Denial.


But this is a good intro to the next post which will be. . .Speaking in Code. I so can't wait.

Oh, send me some good jokes. And keep 'm clean. (for me, mainly)



Anonymous said…
ok. here it goes. 85 year old Sadie, Marries 89 year old Max.

They go to Florida for the honeymoon. When they return , Max sees his friend Harry in the bakery.

Harry says to Max, " was it? Did you and Sadie DO IT?" to which Max replies "almost every night".

"Almost every night?!!" Harry says in amazement. Max retorts, "yes...almost the first night, almost the second night...almost the third night"!!!


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