Puccini's Birthday

Forget that you don't like opera.

Find a classical music radio station in your town and LISTEN.

On WFTM in Chicago they're playing "Puccini's Best" and I'm in tears it's so beautiful. Just try it.


bjurstrom said…
Dear Doc, OOPS... you're right. I'm so ridgid..I didn't even notice Puccini's Birthday announcement.....anyway this blogging has been good for my brain
Chana said…

Trivia question my therapist didn't even bother trying to answer:

Name the opera this is from and who sings these lines:

Ecco Ping!
Ecco Pong!
Ecco Pang!

Therapy Doc said…
Of course it's from Turandot. Ping, Pong, and Pang are the emperor's minister's.

But someone else must have sung that lyric. Don't know.

Now. If ANYONE has tickets to the Lyric Opera performance in Chicago on Feb 6 (or bet Jan 21-Feb 8) and you just can't go, LMK!