Monday, December 04, 2006


Towards the end of the summer everyone cleared out. All of my adult children and their little ones had added to their frequent flyer miles.

F.D. and I were settling into ourselves, very much enjoying the quiet late summer nights. We envisioned the little ones tucked into their own beds in the west, had a certain satisfied feel that the time we had together was quality time.

The two of us returned home together one night to find that our spider had made a new start. The rain and wind in Chicago had been challenging and had previously knocked out this guy's iterations of three-foot webs on our front porch several times. We hadn't seen Spider in awhile and thought that certainly he had scouted better digs.

Those of you with spiders understand. We let it go.

And there he was! The epitome of If At First You Don't Succeed, Try, Try, Again.

Click on this link for the video. Wait just a few seconds for the audio.

In case you're wondering, No, I won't quit my day job.


bjurstrom said...

Dear Doc, you got me started ...and yes I've been thinking about this blogging phenomena...for me, this is neither fish (no pun intended) nor fowl. It is neither a correspondence with a friend or an article in a newspaper....It has the reach of a newspaper,but feels like a letter...I guess I'll stick with the idea that I'm writting a letter...anyway maybe the reason you are linked to the salt water tank has more to do with the AWE of life same thing with the spider....most sincerely

therapydoc said...

Dear Readers,
I encouraged BJ to blog because she has a unique way of expressing herself that inspires and communicates by metaphor (example). Once she gets going, it will be a gift to us all, her blog.
I'm in awe by so many of your comments, by the way. I really do prefer people to fish and spiders, Linda

Anonymous said...

Had to find and comment on this post because my friend sent me this vid and it reminded me of yours.

therapydoc said...

I JUST saw that one while on vacation. It's great! Thanks for the link.

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