Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Anniversary Post

It's late!

I'm late!

So not like me, remember? Remember the Being Late for Appointments post?

It's a year since we started hanging out together, a year yesterday, May 28, to be precise.

A year of anything to me basically means that the Old Mighty has been kind enough to borrow me the time. And every year I haven't been mowed down by a truck (K"H) or taken by some crazy new fatal illness (K"H, K"H, K"H) is a good year.

Usually bloggers celebrate the year's end with all kinds of gymnastics and I'm such a clutz that that's not going to happen, okay?

Unconsciously, today I tried to catch up on the sidebar. I added about two months worth of posts to the proper categories, making up a new one altogether for the Virginia Tech Massacre posts. In so doing was too late to ride my bike to work and now suffer the consequences. I'm a little testy, a bit stiff, and in no mood to answer the phone. And I'm not finished.

So don't call me.

This was an amazing year, and all praise to the Old Mighty, I think it's been good that I started this blog. I think I taught a lot of people things they didn't know, mother's milk to family therapists, of course, stuff I feel should be taught in grade school.

What's the point of set theory if you don't know who's in your set or how to connect to them?

I had a tremendous amount of interesting email this year, all from this blog, about things I should be writing about, causes I should take on.

I have to be honest. When I sit down to write a post, it's me I'm thinking about. Me trying not to sound like an idiot. It is my brain spinning words and following the line like connecting the dots.

Then I edit the posts. Sometimes I edit for days, although it may not seem like it, and this would be one of those days that it doesn't seem like it because it didn't happen. I didn't bother to edit this post because I'm so late, and after all, what am I saying here? Not much, just that it's not easy to take requests. But I appreciate that you make them.

If I were a rock and roll band I'd take requests.

Who knows, some day all I'll do is take requests. It'll be like a diner.

"Ma'am, what would you like to learn about today? Did you say you want to learn about Attention Deficit Disorder? That's on the lunch menu. No, we don't have a lunch menu. We're working on it."

I have so many people to thank, mainly for making this fun for me, other bloggers in particular who link here (I ALWAYS link back if I know about you and you don't have what I consider an objectionable blog) . Certainly I want to thank those of you who write in with your comments. The blogging culture is a real culture and it's very gratifying. Maybe one day one of you will think of a way to do make a study of it.

Interview bloggers about blogging.

I know I've made promises (blee neder promises, meaning they're not real vows) that I'd write about certain things, like Asperger's Disorder. The Asperger's post really is in the works and I think it will be worth the wait. But wait you will.

And the commencement speech. OMG. It is like one you have never heard before and will NEVER hear, not ever. No university would allow someone like me or anyone else to deliver the speech you will eventually read. Eventually will be this week or next. It really will, blee neder. I just uploaded the video today.

Anyway, I gotta' make dinner. I'm starved.

To another year. And thank you.



AuthorMomWithDogs said...

Happy Anniversary. To many more... !

therapydoc said...

Thanks, Auth

Margo said...

You've communicated an incredible amount of valuable information in one year! You should be really proud.

therapydoc said...

It's bec EmpathDaught suggested I do this. A year and a half ago I didn't know what a blog was.

Holly Schwendiman said...

Congrats! My year mark is coming up this summer too and I'm just amazed it can be that long. I've had a hard time catching up on posting comments but just wanted to tell you I enjoy all your posts. ;)


Antonia said...

I'm more grateful than I can say for all the "aha!" moments your blog has given me.
Congratulations on the anniversary-hope there will be many more!

therapydoc said...

I think this is a lump in my throat, thanks.

frumhouse said...

Wonderful! Congratulations!

Marj aka Thriver said...

happy anniversary! keep up the great work!

Emy L. Nosti said...

Speaking of late! I always miss stuff like this.

Well, happy blogiversary! Here's to many more!

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