An Assortment of Links That Have Nothing to Do With One Another

In keeping with the promise to link to people who link my way, take a look at Saints & Spinners, who writes about books and song and what could be bad. I'm taking the liberty of handing you a ticket to her site.

Then there are people who recommend books, crazy I know, check out Reading is My SuperPower

And as long as we're talking about music, there's the Soul of Rock. Who knew so many types of rock could co-exist? I just didn't know.

Leah in Chicago/Accidentally Jewish will fill you in on some of the features of another cool Jewish custom (honestly, it was never my intention, when I started this blog to have so many Jewish spins on things, but you can take the Yid out of the shtetle (suburb, not), yet you can't take the shtetle out of the Yid.

For movies, you have to see Nehring's blog--it looks great, but looks aren't everything as you well know. Check him out.

And for those of you interested in nursing, check out Change of Shift.

Or of course, there's

Change has been kind enough to link over here, when really, the rule is nurses are a club and try to keep on topic. You know that for me, that's impossible. But what a blog that is.

Musings of a Highly Trained Monkey

Dr. Sanity is another academic who has fun on the net. Always a good read.

And anything about child abuse you can find a Wired for Noise (it's still happening, I don't understand it, oh, actually I do)

And Yehuda at Haveil Havalim does a great round up of J-blogs and includes my Intimate Opportunities post. He read way too much into it, as men tend to do.

The mommy blog of the week is Mommy Babble, what else would one expect, really. Can't blame the cell phones for this one.

Find Religion is a nice place if you're thinking out-there thoughts. We won't judge you, honest.

Then there's the Centre for Emotional Well-being, which is nice because it gives us that British spelling thing that makes us all feel very cosmopolitan, and all (plus Talia's very smart).

Then there are all the cat people. Check out Life From a Cat's Perspective for good cat pics. Then there's The Modulator, a virtual Friday's Ark on pets, cats included, of course. And CatSynth--about music and cats, what else. I can't wait to move on to fish.

On the Coach Team, there's Think Happy Thoughts. THT tells us to assume people are stupid, not mean. Gotta' love it. Even though "stupid" is a little harsh and surely isn't "happy", I like it better than Think Happy Thoughts. Rock on, Miguel.

There are also MONEY BLOGS on the net, and MsMoneyGirl linked over here. One thing you won't get here, I'm sorry to say, is money. I do avoid talking about it, let's say have for over a year now. But okay.

Whereas, FOOD I can always relate to and ATeam has recipes, so why not try something new?

And as long as we're talking about food, Cindy is a holistic wellness person and has recipes for stuff that HAS to be good for you. Although you're not getting an endorsement, frankly, from me if you think I'll prescribe herbs over what your doctor recommends. I've heard horror stories about St. John's Wort, for example. But Cindy's blog is cool.

She SAYS she's an oddball, but Pollywog's Pond isn't nearly as odd as she thinks.

The SKWIB is as odd as he thinks, and we do love him. He's Canadian, which might explain it. I have Canadian relatives and tho we hate to generalize, there's something about it. . .like being American is a trait, too, right?
Wired for Noise gives us a Carnival Against Child Abuse, good idea to be down on that and I like the blog.

Homespun Honolulu
takes us to various cities, and face it, if you stay home too long you'll get grumpy so you may as well get out of your rut.

If you're into art, try Arts and Stuff. It takes me away.

And Travel Minx collects travel articles and some of the pictures her bloggers post are just great.

Tracee, at Blog Fabulous mentions an association between anger and backpain and links to my Angry, did you say, post. Gives new meaning to what my mother would call a pain in the neck.

UrbanWanderLust is the kind of blogger who really does the diary of wandering, which is probably healing.

And if you like a feminist point of view (like me) check out Femtique.

That's enough for now.

Thanks to all of you for linking over here,



So Sioux Me said…
You rock Therapydoc, I also posted your site on "The W List" of women who blog over at So Sioux Me. .
Anonymous said…
Fun list Doc! I am honored to be included here in the assortment. And thank you for saying I'm not odd. Would you please send out a memo to my family on that? :-)
therapydoc said…
We used to sing that song from Guys and Dolls, "Sue, me, sue me, what can you do me..." but when the malpractice climate got ridiculous we stopped the song. Yet every once in awhile. . .I start that song.. .
therapydoc said…
Polli, if you're a blogger, another blogger telling your family you're not odd won't do much good.
Evelyn said…
What cool stuff. And without the slightest provocation! Thank you, my good Doctor! Oh, btw, you're right about the blogger talking about another blogger thing -- they just think the rest of the bloggers are just as crazy. Woo hoo! I've got me some darn good company! Hugs and thank you much! :)
Guilty Secret said…
Great list, TherapyDoc!

I'm disappointed I'd didn't make it, though... maybe next time?
therapydoc said…
GS, I don't know how that happened and feel terrible. I took almost all of these directly from Technorati, but FOR SURE next time. So sorry.
Guilty Secret said…
Aw don't feel bad! I just want to be on your blogroll because your blog was the first I got into and your blogroll is where I started finding others, so Everyone Needs Therapy is like the centre of the blogging universe to me :)
therapydoc said…
GS, this is not safe, can, will go to my head. You're on, look over to your right.
Thanks for the shoutout!