Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Spot not Pot

I don't like to assign intentional malevolence to other bloggers, but listen to this one.

I was reading other blogs, throwing my 2 cents in here and there in Comments. When you identify yourself in Comments you can also type in your domain name to tell other people about your blog (i.e., http://everyoneneedstherapy.blogspot.com)

So the other day I mistakenly wrote: http://everyoneneedstherapy.blogpot. com on someone else's blog.

I forgot the "s" in blogSpot leading people who thought they were clicking on my domain name to the wrong blog, not to mine at all, to a religious site, but not one I'd ever visit or recommend.

And I have this one question, of course. If the blogPot writer is so religious, who-ever you are, what's with the stealing names and misrepresentation?

The blogPot domain has NOTHING to do with therapy, by the way. Mother in Israel found the sabatage. Thanks, M-i-I.

Now I happen to like religious blogs. I was just reading, in fact, about a fellow named José Luis de Jesús Miranda, a former heroin addict with a ministry in Miami. His followers believe he's the reincarnation of all sorts of people including the Old Mighty, probably. Miranda wears a 666 tattoo on his forearm. Bloggers are getting a lot of mileage writing about this fellow. He's very in.

I assume he's doing good in this world, or hope so. But maybe he's just making money.

But back to the problem of identity theft. It made me very angry, the idea that someone took almost all of the ENT trademark domain name, all but the lowly letter "s", and rerouted unsuspecting bloggers to the wrong house. It's a form of identity theft, seriously.

Not very many things really make me angry, so I feel there has to be a reason this happened. I'm thinking the reason is so that I'm supposed to warn other blogSPOT bloggers to be careful when they type in their domain names while commenting on other people's blogs. I'm hearing, sensing, feeling this vibe.

And we should write to Google and kvetch.

I imagine that blogPOT has stolen thousands and thousands of domain names. It's legitimately hosted, believe it or not, by WORDPRESS. The good people at Wordpress probably know about it and can't do a thing. Free trade, says Mother in Israel who wasn't bothered in the least.

GOOGLE and WORDPRESS probably need to communicate.

But 'nuf said.

have a blessed day, ;-)



linrob63 said...

I read this post after Tough Neighborhoods and saw the symmetry -- the natural link. Huh? Yup...identity theft. It has bugged me since it became the tag or monniker applied to stealing someone's credit. Punishments are pretty hefty, too. And here you apply it to blog impersonation. But hurting a kid so that s/he cannot even pursue his potential or show his or her gift...hurting a kid deeply in places that he or she cannot reach -- THAT is truly identity theft. Hurting a kid so deeply that he must dim his own light just so he can stand to view himself in the mirror -- THAT is identity theft.

therapydoc said...

Amazing comment, LIN, thanks.

Guilty Secret said...

Thanks for drawing our attention to this, TherapyDoc. I just checked it out and mine is one too! Shocking...

therapydoc said...

Probably not a new thing, and maybe ALL blogspot accounts are taken. I just think it's strange that a religious group does this.

mother in israel said...

P.S. The correct link to my blog is www.mominisrael.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Information Security Carnival is up here:

And your article was selected!

Comment, link to us! Spread the word!

therapydoc said...

M-I-L, I'll link to you in my monthly links post, but if I were to visit you for coffee. . .