Including the Pri-cares

Just a quick adjoiner to the post on choosing your therapist. I'll have a few of these, and will be discussing it at length regarding children at MomInIsrael.

Shauna (a myelin challenged woman) reminded me. Thanks so much, Shauna.

It's remarkable that I forgot that, (a) because I live with a family practitioner and consult with him and other physicians regularly, and (b) EAP referrals are the salt and pepper of my practice. And I'm not even a certified EAP therapist (another subspecialty you guys can go into to make a decent living).

One of the reasons the pri-cares know the quality of the therapists in the neighborhood is that they hear from us. We communicate. Or we should. In some states, it's the law.

So when your therapist says,

Can I speak with your primary care doc? Sign here, if you don't mind.
Say YES. It's nice when one hand knows what the other hand is doing. It really makes a difference in your quality of care.