Retraction and Stopping the Forward Madness

What's a post without at least one pictures, really?

I understand that I wrongly accused the University of Kentucky in my last post and humbly retract the accusation about a Holocaust curriculum decision.

I apologise and feel pretty gullible about that.

Do you think I should take down the post?

I can reply to the forward to try to stop damaging gossip like this, and we can and should talk about it.

Do read it and let me know. Keep in mind, the University of Kentucky still has a Holocaust studies program.

The American South has a tradition, interestingly, of keeping this memory alive.

See the documentary, Paper Clips, about a small rural town of less than two thousand people (Whitwell, Tennessee, predominantly white and Christian) and a school principal who wanted to expose her students to diversity. They memorialized the Holocaust with paper clips.

You can rent the video. Or better yet, take a drive down to Whitwell to see the memorial. It's unbelievable.



Jay said…
I wouldn't take it down, but I would edit it to include the retraction in the original post. I think even if you delete it, the post may still show up in archives somewhere.

And I have learned the hard way that even people I trust sometimes forward this kind of stuff - always with the best of intentions. is a great resource.
therapydoc said…
Jay, thanks. Mission accomplished. I had heard about Snopes. Somehow it just didn't make it onto my hard drive.
PuddleSplasher said…
I think your choice was good, to make this post, and your precursory note in the original entry about it where you made the mistake. It makes you seem human, (Although, I'm not saying you didn't before, but I think it's respectable to make a mistake and then own it)

It seems pretty normal that you read about it, then right away had a reaction, and blogged about it, and didn't exactly check your sources well, because that whole theme was already on your mind, you know? Plus, maybe your source is usually quite I think it's cool, I'd be your friend anyway, I'd be all like "high five! yeah!"
A.Decker said…
What they said. I think you got it covered for the intelligent readers, and the wouldn't matter anyway.