Tuesday, December 12, 2006

It May Take a Woman to Clean Up the House

Enough about me. It was fun having a birthday on the Internet.

But tonight ABC replaced Boston Legal with Barbara Walters, so while jogging on the treadmill I watched the special about the Year's Most Interesting People. I watched the whole thing.

The most interesting person on the show in my book, without a doubt, was Jay Z, the rapper.

But Barbara chose Nancy Pelosi, as her Year's VERY Most Interesting Person, the Democratic minority leader to be sworn in as Speaker of the United States House of Representatives in January. And Nancy looked absolutely gorgeous on the show-- trim, well-dressed, sparkling as she spoke about her life and her political goals.

Her greatest accomplishments? (I'm loosely quoting, here)

"I'm a wife, mother, and grandmother. These are my most important roles. But it is a very fine thing to be able to add, Speaker of the House."

Speaker of the House! The first woman ever!

A nice girl from a very protective Italian family is two heart-beats away from the Presidency.

You realize, because you passed that Constitution test in 8th grade, that the executive chain of command is as follows:

We have a Commander in Chief, the President, George Bush.

He's followed by his #2 man, the Vice-President, Dick Cheney.

If anything happens to George, Dick Cheney, as Vice-President, becomes President. If anything anything happens to the Vice President, then the Speaker of the House, (Nancy Pelosi, becomes the President of the United States.

A woman who is first and foremost a Wife, Mother, and a Grandmother.

Barbara asked, "Nancy? Let's talk about you as a politician."

Nancy, "I don't mind the word politician. Politicians can change things and Washington needs change. Washington is a swamp that needs to be drained."

(again, I'm quoting loosely. I was jogging.)

Barbara, "You mean it's a swamp?"

Nancy, "You might say that it needs cleaning up. I want to break the liaison between lobbiests and congressmen."

Barbara, "With all due respect, many a politician has promised to come to Washington to make sweeping changes."

Nancy (without skipping a beat), "Well, Barbara, It May Take a Woman to Clean Up the House."

How I love America. I'll bet they didn't have to spend more than five minutes coming up with that one.

And on THAT note, if you haven't seen Of Fish and Family, read the post from December 11, 2006. I laughed, and laughed, and laughed. It's on the same theme.

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Mark said...

It's about time! Thanks for relaying this interview. I missed the show.