Friday, March 30, 2007


Accepting for TherapyDoc is her alter-ego. . .

There's this marvelous thing going on in the blogosphere, and it is flying in the face of the some of the terrible things happening (death threats to bloggers, oy vey, and boycotts of blogosphere, that sort of thing). But alternatively, other bloggers are reinforcing one another's work by bestowing pleasant awards.

Since so many people are anonymous, I wonder if Holly is actually several other people, too. She just gave me a Thinking Blogger award, my third actual award, which is truly touching, and flattering because although I think I think, I'm not really sure.

Just the other day I got the Blog of the Day award. It is exciting and titillating, especially since the last ribbon I've received was in 6th grade for the high jump.

So to truly accept this, I'd first like to thank my producers (mom, dad, take a bow), and my director (F.D., you rock), the cast (all of you nuts who comment, especially you, Holly), the set (could be better, have to get a better chair and occasionally take one of these cups back downstairs to the kitchen), the make-up crew (huh?), oh, heck, I could go on, and on, and on, and on. I mean, who is the best boy, anyway?

And as long as I'm accepting, I have to share that this is really my second Thinking Blogger Award! Karen gave it to me either last week or the week before. Must be going around. If I weren't such a lazy blogging bum I'd have passed the torch along to one or more of you deserving writers.

But it is what it is. Perhaps there's still time!

This means, regardless, that I will have to make room on the trophy shelf next to the many other trophies in the bathroom as did one of this year's 2-time Oscar winners (read it in InStyle Magazine, so it must be true).

Love this crowd, you're all out of your minds. Thanks a trillion to anyone who voted* for me.

uh, hugs

*nobody votes

All kidding aside, I'm really very flattered and think this is a wonderful tradition and will try to think up a new award while on vacation next week for Passover. Thanks to anyone who reads me (double entendre intended), and to those of you who take the trouble to make other people (like me) feel good, I'm forever grateful.



PsychoToddler said...

Mazel Tov! I have yet to win either an award or a raffle.

therapydoc said...

ah, that will soon change, my psycho-friend. now go help your wife.

Holly Schwendiman said...

Well, on possibly being several other people I have my days! You know those good moments when the wonderful Holly steps forward and takes a bow, the frustrating ones when the upset Holly raises her voice and waves her hands like a mad woman in the air, and the....well you get the idea. I suppose I AM several people all rolled into one. ;)

Still giggling over the acceptance speech. ;)

therapydoc said...

Hol, it was for you, Karen,and Famous Quotes or Bill or whoever it was at blogoftheday (what an idea). Had to do something to show appreciation.

I mean, I couldn't turn it down, right?

therapydoc said...

oh, and PSYCHOTODDLER, I meant, with His help, of course. I am so afraid I'm using up my zchuyot (sorry, gang, can't translate this right now)

frumhouse said...


lushgurl said...

Good for you Doc! Ummm, where did you say you lived again? I could always stop in to "look after" that award for you! LOL
What was that? ME, STEAL? I am so offended!!!
Enjoy your week off...HUGS

Heidi said...

Congrats on winning! I'm really glad to see that well-written and well-thought blogs are getting the attention they deserve! Bravo!

therapydoc said...

Thanks, C.K., but I'm not going to let it get to my head.

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