I have to be honest, I'm a little bored of the Carnival of All Substances. Let's move onto a more general theme, obsessions.

YOURS, NOT MINE! You have to write the stories. It's a Carnival. Maybe I'll add a few of mine, too.

I don't care what you're obsessed with, as long as it's not sex. I'm just not interested, sorry. Go to your local anonymous meeting for that. I won't even read the posts.

Love? Of course.

And hobbies.

Thoughts? Sure. If they're not objectionable.

Nothing VIOLENT. I reserve the right to dismiss any story that disturbs me, too. If it disturbs me, forget about it.

You can submit these things at the blog carnival link. Just follow the instructions.

It'll be interesting.


linrob63 said…
This is a good idea. I do not have a blog and am bummed that I do not know how to participate.

I am looking forward to it, though.

therapydoc said…
You can go to www.blogger.com
and go through the steps to start your own blog. It's not that hard. You can keep it anonymous if you want. Play around with it.

In the meantime, yes, reading other people's blogs, OPB's is fun. Thanks for stopping by.
Anonymous said…
Would it be unhealthy for one to indulge in a rant about proper turn signal usage?

(Don't plan to submit, but come to think of it, nearly my entire blog is a record of obsessions, e.g. the Opera browser and quality/honest science...)

You know, I think your new carnival, or maybe just obsessive blogging, constitutes a "strange loop." Interesting...
therapydoc said…
As in, 2 cars, 2! cars on a yellow light. Or was that 3. It would be a pleasure.
cordeliadarwin said…

Thanks for the direction -- I am now a blogger...with a post an everything.

Will link to carnival.

And who knows? Maybe I will try it again.

Many, many thanks.

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