Friday, October 26, 2007

Music Lessons

It's Domenico Scarlatti's birthday, which means that if you turn on a classical music station, you'll probably get lucky.

Did I ever tell you the story of my first date with FD?

I was a Resident Adviser in this cool run down old house in Urbana, Illinois, a female cooperative house unit of UIUC. About 8 rowdy wonderful young women, great people, lived in that clapboard house. I learned how to make bread and yogurt and only had an occasional potential suicide to manage.

Anyway, I'll save how we met, but FD picked me up and saw the upright piano in the sitting room.

Oh a piano!

Do you play?

A little.

Do you know any Bach? (I was in my Bach phase, this was a test)

Why yes, yes I do.

And the rest is history. Years later, I told an elderly woman that my daughter was taking piano lessons. She nodded sagely and smiled, Oh, a girl playing piano. There's nothing more lovely.

My own personal history with lessons is traumatic, so we won't go any farther. My feeling is that if this is an affordable thing, finding out if your child has this aptitude is the right thing.

You never know where it might lead.



Mark said...

Be open to the possibilities! Love your story!

Carole said...

Piano parents are both music majors...I couldn't even hit a wrong not when I was growing up without them correcting it. I mean...I'm sure it hasn't affected me...other that this nervous tick I have all the time. :)

therapydoc said...


Awesome Mom said...

Music is a lovely thing and I always wished that I had been able to have piano lessons. I am planning an having my kids try at least one instrument even if it does not stick. I also hope to take piano lessons sometime.

therapydoc said...

That's awesome, Awesome (couldn't resist, sorry)

Elizabeth said...

Call me simplistic, but Mozart is the one composer I simply couldn't live without.

Music lessons fall just after food, shelter, and clothing on my budget priority list. The Son plays the cello and will most likely give it up after high school but for now lessons and the community orchestra are required.

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