back a'cha and regrets

This is the kind of thing I try to do once a month, send readers off to read other bloggers who put out good stuff and happen to have linked to me, maybe quoted me or they barked loudly at a carnival. Actually, this really is a carnival, with less barking.

The fact that I'm a little too glib sometimes on ENT and am also hoping to be cute when I comment on other people's blogs may be due to being so suppressed (muzzled) as a therapist. That's a good thing, by the way. There are SO many things I want to say, am thinking, and DON'T say. Even here, on the blog, believe it or not, I edit like crazy before posting and rethink what I write a thousand times (am a sucker for hyperbole, clearly).

Nevertheless, I'm trying to reign it in when I comment on other people's blogs, which is harder, since you only have a few seconds to comment, and once a comment is posted, it's unlikely the person who commented will really revisit that comment again. I don't know the statistics.

BUT I offended two bloggers and am mortified, since it was never my intention and consider that a terrible thing, offending anyone. I linked to 2 blogs in the last back a'cha and what I wrote in my own post wasn't taken in the way I wanted it to be taken (lightly), and the bloggers let me have it in cyberspace.

The rule here is that if I link to a blog, it's because I LIKE it, usually, not because I disapprove or think the blogger is unconscionable. I may not agree with what you people write, but I truly respect the time and effort you put into expressing your right to free speech.

If I really disagree or find content objectionable, the I won't link back to you in back 'acha (this feature), and I wont talk about it or criticize it, most likely. It's like when they send me books to review. If I don't like a book, you won't read about it here.

So on that note I owe a huge apology to certain bloggers who didn't see the humor in my last back a'cha. Furious Seasons and BipolarBlast were both upset with what I wrote and didn't like the comments I put on their blogs. I generally defend physician medication recommendations and this time urged people to not discontinue medicines based upon what FS wrote about Zyprexa. Furious brings research on psychotropics to our attention, and it's a wonderful blog. All I really wanted to do was bring that blog to your attention. Apologies, FS.

And BipolarBlast took my defense of labeling (diagnosing) disorders a little hard (I think, correct me if I'm still not getting it). I said that for people to be able to collect social security for a mental or behavioral disorder, they need a diagnosis. You won't get help from the government for a disability without it. I'll add that a doctor also has to provide substantial medical evidence, and that takes time.

In truth, however, Bipolar Blast is correct. Diagnosis and labeling can make recovery and life much more difficult and money won't always help. Labels do stick, whereas people get well. One of the first things family therapists do, as a matter of fact, is stare behind every individual diagnosis for the family pathology and go there, treat that first, if it's possible. The individual diagnosis often melts away. Apologies, BB.

Okay for other news fit to print, check out one of my favorite primary care docs, Jay, at Two Women Blogging.

And Kim, at Emergiblog has a number of fabulous links and great posts about emergency medicine. The fact that she lets me in makes me feel good. This blog is rarely an emergency.

I got a major complement over at, apparently am not the only one who thinks we all need therapy. (smiley emoticon here) Thanks Shrink.

Anything Goes and General News
is a new blogger. Reminds me of that song, In olden days a glimpse of stocking was frowned on as something shocking now Heaven knows, anything goes. Boy, they don't write 'em like they used to.

And an aspiring film maker at Production Blog Blue Skelton (related to Red?) isn't afraid to share celebrity gossip.

But creativity in the blogosphere abounds. For example, The Lost War on Drugs at Death by 1000 Paperclips will have you wondering (if you're me) where you've been. And I don't know where I stand on legalization, by the way, so no assumptions here. I'm probably not pro.l

Then there's the People's Choice a carnival chock full of great posts, with voting happening there. I didn't have time to vote and not being a Chicago blog, nobody came to my door to drag me to the polls. Sorry PC.

And at the Books Den you can find hard copy, always a concept worth thinking about, real book reading.

MimiLenox is pushing peace, bless her, around the globe. And for more on positivism, here's positive thinker.

Can't get enough personal coaching? Two more and that's it for the day. The coach at I Will Change Your Life can tell you how to beat a "bad mood" and you're advised to eat breakfast (FD agrees) at Former Fat Guy.

No comment.

An awesome blogger tells us about a farmer's crop charity at One day at a time.
If you're into politics, try Morning Globe News.

Best Medical Blogs is worth a peek. As is this one on social skills training.

The 13th Story is a grant writer, political writer, and all around renaissance man, whereas Be Conscious Now is not kidding. I should have done this together with the Carnival of All Substances. Changetherapy included my definition of addiction in one of her posts. I think and has a great discussion of guilt going on. All of these docs are over my head, seriously.

Speaking of docs, Dr. Aleksandr Kavokin has been putting out good medical material at RDoctor.

And have I mentioned history at Osprey Publishing? So interesting. History, unfathomable.

Whereas MovieTrailers, I understand. And there are still more personal development bloggers pushing Priscilla's list. Such a list. Including Robin's Reflection's.

For a blog about kids with special needs, try Kintropy.

And a yogi blogger likes to draw and quote physicists. Check out resonent enigma

College bloggers into pizza and beer need only go for for refreshments.
Just watch it, okay?

For women's health and wellness, try ModernSage. But for feminism, Femtique is best.

Now, if I REALLY wanted to work on my chocolate fix, I'd go to Raising a Healthy Family and put a little more effort into my cooking. It's not true, I suppose, that you can stir fry EVERYTHING.

Oh, and one more thing. There still are such things as political pundits. Check out these, Morning Globe News
and The New Pundit.

that's it for now. waiting for a really cold morning for the next one.



doctor a said…
how on earth do you find time to follow so many blogs and write long blogs yourself while maintaining a full time practice, a good marriage, and ongoing relationships with your kids---plus all the 1001 things that go into running a household these days? you are amazing!
therapydoc said…
Thanks, but I don't think so amazing. The thing here is about saying Thank you. It's an important concept, so the keeping up, following along (if not reading every word, mea culpa) just feels right to me.

It helps to have DSL at the office, cable at home, and nobody spleening me for my attention to the Internet community.

Bloggers are people, too. But we've talked about this.
Carole said…
Just dropping a quick hello. I've been reading for awhile...but haven't commented yet. I found you through google when I entered "Everyone needs therapy" to try to prove to my mom that everyone does. Ack. That's something for another day.'re posts are inspiring and I love reading them.
April said…
Thank you for the kind words! I'm a social worker too. :D
therapydoc said…
Aren't people wonderful?
Blue Skelton said…
I just wanted to thank you for all of the link love. I hope that you will continue to think of me when you write movie articles.

If you would like you could just send me them via email at

And I will syndicate a paragraph or so redirecting to your blog. I will do a nicer job of syndicating it than Lars and the Real Girl which was an excellent article I might say. I hadn't heard about it and now I want to see it.

I was experimenting a bit with the Lars post but I'll make it look prettier in the future I promise.

Thanks again and if I can be of any help or assistance please let me know!

Have a great weekend Doc!
Shawn Farner said…
Hey doc! Shawn from, just wanted to say thanks for linking back. A lot of people might not appreciate that sort of thing, but I definitely do. Love the site, keep up the good work.
Thanks for the reviews - I'll get to these more quickly than I will to the doll DVD you recommended.
Mimi Lenox said…
Thanks for mentioning peace globes. I shall carry on. I'm on a roll with these to speak.
Anonymous said…
Hi Doc! Thanks for tme mention amd link to Resonant Enigma. I do appreciate that.
isabella mori said…
"labels stick but people get well". so well said.

you are a hoot, therapydoc! great to have you among my blogger friends.
Rob at Kintropy said…
Thanks for the recommendation and link back. My wife and I appreciate it!
Julie said…
I haven't commented in a while; I've been swamped with school. I've noticed that in my sessions with clients, I've had to hold myself back many times from saying what's on my mind. I can relate to editting- in your head or on paper- to make sure things come out right. Love the blog!!