January 2008 Back a'cha

This is the post where we give a shout to the people who link over to ENT and say Thanks!

This is kind of fun, because I after I say thank you I get thank you's for thank you's and then the thank you for the thank you for thank you, and on it goes. Oh, let's quit goofing around.

The most moving blog of the month is hands down, The Other Side of Time, Joel Merchant's story of loss and remembering. Losing a child is considered the worst loss, and Joel's story poignantly reminds us that life has to go on, somehow.

The best social work blog I've found is WorkingSocial.com. Check her out, a former Chicagoan, gone south for her mental health.

For a decent rant...like you can't rant all on your own, try RantHere.com . They're the best rants Rant can scrounge up.

Sometimes a person just wants to get online to read a decent story. Writers, thankfully are posting their best wares virtually everywhere. For example, Just Write is just right and you can find links to stories there, ditto for Incurable Disease of Writing , Missy's best.
And Be The Story has stories about stories.

How to Stop Smoking is easy on the eyes and links to info posts. Check her out.

Angelawd escaped corporate and now lives the easy life of freelance. Easy?

Womens's Clothing, a post at Info News spins blurbs of all kinds, as does PopBlue at Thought Disorders. These blogmeisters don't quit.

Have you ever wondered: What Is It, exactly, that's going on in Gaza, Israel, and Egypt? Probably not, but if you do want to hear from Anglos on the state of things in that corner of the Middle East, check out Jack's collection of incredi-blogs. Jack, too, is a treat.

Coffee Yogurt has some quick posts with pics that make it worth the taste.

If you're a Chicagoan looking for work, stop by Jobaja's website, chock-full of interesting ideas and sure, editorial. Writers EVERYWHERE.

This one by Lillie, is sheer genius. She thanks people who have commented by aggregating the number of times they do. And who said social science is a lost art? Seeing is believing. This is, btw, a great example of behavior modification.

Anja Merret blogs on virtually everything.

At Oh, You're a Feminist you'll learn that insulting language such as fat fingering (making typos) is on its way out, if we bloggers have our say, and it's pretty obvious, we do.

If you're interested in entertainment for children (my hand's up) check out the links over at Veggie Tales.

Pink Holly hock has noticed that when she walks into a hardware store, a piece of her brain freezes in Buy It All mode.

Rabbi Without a Cause is thinking he'll take a break from blogging. Right, rabbi. Sure.

And WalkAbout is confiscating cell phones at the door. Nobody's going to catch her on video in a house-dress.

An Eclectic Blog features an eclectic blogger who blogs therapy, photography, and probably recipes. We relate.

Door Opens is in recovery in the suburbs. I love anyone in recovery, you guys know that. Dry Blog keeps a sense of humor about sobriety and offers advice about stoned pets, how to recognize them. I'm not joking.

Curiosity Killer won the thinking Blogger Award! Way to go, C.K. And Pajama Mama, not getting out of those PJ's, has no reason to go anywhere. FD and I dream of opening a store that only sells pajamas. We'll call it PJ's.

A politically healthy blog would be Back Across the Line. Back exposes the Kimkins diet scam, nasty stuff, starvation.
At Mariposa's Tales you can get good pics of the airport in Hong Kong. Sure, there's other stuff, but I happen to like airports.

RD Doctor, NOT to be confused with FD, hosts links to a dozen blogs on health and disease. Thanks, RD.

And there's a huge list of really good posts on positive thinking and successful thinking and all kinds of positive, successful Go Team thinking at, what else, the Carnival of Inspiration and Motivation, and I'm fairly positive this is good for you.

And Craig, always an inspiration, repeats Priscilla's list, if you've never seen that one. Is Priscilla the one that Jennifer Weiner refers to in her novel about the pregnant women? I think it's Little Earthquakes. Priscilla's the woman who does everything better than you, ala Sylvia. We must discuss Sylvia one day.

SuccessSystems directs us to health and well-being blogs, included ENT, thanks Success. You should go from strength to strength.

Liza's Eyeview eyeballs thoughts and words, primarily, and is surely gunning for President, at the very least key-note speaker. Good luck, L. You totally have my vote.

Maybe I should have taken a lesson from Dr. Sanity on how to limit submissions to carnivals that day that the material submitted to the Carnival of All Substances got the better of me. Sanity seems to have managed to do that at her carnival of the insanities. She's a real doc, you know.

January Back 'Acha means something else, too, you know.

Spring equinox is coming up. Only 7 more weeks of winter. Boy there's a lot of snow on the ground today!



Pink Hollyhock said…
Thanks, TherapyDoc. Much obliged!
Lillie Ammann said…
Thanks for the link and the compliment, and thanks for this great list of great posts.
Chana said…
Did you know that there are words to the opening bassoon solo of The Rite of Spring?

IIIIII'm only a bassoon
I'm not an English horn
This is much too HIGH for me
I'm only a bassoon...
therapydoc said…
I knew I could count on you Chana. And here I thought it was an oboe.
C. K. said…
Awww - thanks Doc. I'm tempted to break into a song dedicated to you - you know the one that Olivia Newton sang... "I looooove you -- I really really loooooooooooove youuuuuuuuu."

Ahem. Ok, I won't. ;)
therapydoc said…
No, I disagree. I feel that when it's time to break into song, then it's time to break into song. If only in your head, you still break into song.

The world would be a better place, seriously, if people did that.
Chana said…
I could break into the opening bassoon solo of The Rite of Spring for you, but that would scare away your entire readership, not to mention my children. ;)

Now, where is that oxygen mask?

That bassoon solo is a standard on professional orchestral auditions.
On the oboe it would sound more like a duck. Stravinsky didn't want to torture us TOO much, I guess. (go ahead, groan!)