Obsessed, did you say?

Obsessed with stamps? Not hard to do.

People sometimes ask you, I'm sure, How do you have the time to read, write, post, link, blah, blah? And you reply, We make things for the things we like.

I would add, the people we like. For better or for worse. This second edition of Obsession! is better than the first, thank G-d. Yet I'm really surprised that no one has posted on relationship obsessions, with the exception of one serious crush on Zach Galifianakis.

Sure, I told you I'd censure obsessions about sex, but never people, presentations, a good casserole.

But before we begin. I have a dilemma and maybe someone can help me out here. I really love that scent, Obsession. But it's made by Calvin Klein. Since I object to the billboards and pictures on buses of scantily clothed children, I won't buy CK stuff. A person has to have principles, right?
But ALL the advertisers do this now. Should I give in?

Back to our usual programming. A great list.

PHIL! for humanity talks about the work-obsessed and 8 Ways to Tell You're Doing That (working too much). He mentions dogs no longer wagging tails. Makes sense.

And Madeleine writes a limerick about searching, searching, searching for the lost blog, something she calls web withdrawal. Mad's a short, happy read, if a little mad, of course.

Considering stamp collecting? Why not? Seems to me it beats a lot of other obsessions. Yes, we have stories, don't we, about stamps. And if you're interested in what the U.S. post office has put out over the past hundred years (I was) check out A Century of Stamps. You'll go nuts.

Career Counselor advises miserable souls who work and obsess about how they probably shouldn't.

Warren's obsessing about thoughts, and energy, and matter, and he's going to make himself sick about this, it's clear. Cut it out, Warren. Yet I like this post-modern thinking, if it's a little overly-complicated.

The Skinny on January tells us to eat it raw, like we need more obsession on food. Well, maybe we do.

And Personal Hack (I LOVE that blog title) is obsessed with losing weight. You know, don't you, PH, you have to love yourself no matter, okay?

Mark Riffey, Business is Personal, let's go regarding independent book sellers. Remind me to tell you a story.

And SarahSpy is the one with the serious crush on Zach Galifianakis.

Kevin, No Prodigal Son, is obsessing about batteries, and if you're looking for a new car, you should, too. But WHEN are they going to come down in price?

Margarita Moments obsesses about Paris, Nicole, and disses all kinds of bratty rich kid issues. But I have to tell you. Rich kids need therapy, too, and if any of them want to see this therapy doc, I'm available.

Whereas KEN is obsessing about how to make money, has no issues with rich people, rather has issues with people who have issues with rich people. You two duke it out.

Unlocked is into HGTV Dreamhouse. Move on in Un.

Whereas Lucinda's into witches and I'm warning you, it's NOT pretty.

Don Morrison is obsessed with business tools, and Total Well-being likes his bicycle, YAY! See you in the spring, TW. Mike is going to the gym working muscles you don't even know you have.

Obsessed with Marion Jones and Barry Bonds? Check into 200 Motels!

That's it for today. I think it's time for the post on how NOT to obsess. We're surely ready.



bigmouth said…
obsessive ppl are just natures way of balancing out the lazy ppl .
Anonymous said…
not to say that anything is really worth doing , i mean , we are just unimaginably tiny little specks of nothing hurling through infinate space on a tiny little mudball. Our lifespans will have came and gone and meant nothing .Q- What is worth being obsessed over ? What is even worth taking notice of ?
A- nothing whatsoever .
therapydoc said…
but let's not obsess about that right?

gosh I hope you're wrong.
Anonymous said…
I wish I were wrong . every day just seems to verify it though. Life is crap.The only hope for happiness is submission to illusion or pharmachology.
Ppl are crap. the earth itself is going to crap. hopefully an asteroid will hit us so hard that it shatters the entire disaster into such small pieces that those small pieces are incapable of infecting anything else out there in the multiverse that might be more worthy of survival.
therapydoc said…
Meaning, it feels that way, now.
therapydoc said…
ANON: I'd be remiss here if I didn't suggest you get therapy.
Once I wanted a vanity plate that would say:


But it has one too many letters for the State of Illinois and I didn't know what letter to drop.(plus it cost 70 bucks at the time, probably more, now)

Then I thought, well


That would make a great plate.
But they don't allow exclamation points.

Since you know my bias, it's not like I wouldn't tell everyone this, but with so much gloom and doom in that comment of yours about asteroids and such, I have to reaffirm that this blog isn't, can't, won't, and never will replace a real therapydoc in the flesh.

But as my friend Holly (where have you been, girl?) used to say, Hugs.
Anonymous said…
TRY this maybe 'THERAPY4U' - THERAPYMD- . i dont need therapy really. I seem to be impervious to therapy anyway . , I need winter to go away , I need a pill for cabin fever , i need distractions from isolation and solitary confinement .I NEED AN ASTEROID . You city ppl dont know cabin fever - it makes one dream of asteroids . Beautiful asteroids .
Anonymous said…
see what i mean - ppl wont even talk to you when you got cabin fever , and the reason you get cabin fever is cuz ppl wont talk to you - its a viscous
circle- the only cure may be a very big asteroid .