Thursday, January 03, 2008

December Back'acha'

Back to saying thanks to people who have linked over here over in December. If I forgot you, give me a shout and assuming you're nice and have a relatively clean blog, or a blog about clean relatives, I'll get you next month.

Doing this also allows me to find out if anyone's got a grudge against me (we'll be talking about grudges next post) and I can try to make peace, apologize, rectify the situation. You can't let people hold grudges against you if it's at all possible to make peace, you know. Bad karma.

Off to the posts last month. Between burning the cookies you wrote:

An important post about going off medication abruptly. I told Dr. Deb that doing that can really screw up your "vacation." If you're taking medicine, always work out that vacation with your doctor before deciding it's time to go off of them, or "forgetting" to take the meds for a couple of days.

And just to remind you about why people do this, read Just Me a master of irony, who bemoans (rightly so) the weight that the psychotropics usually puts on.

Dr. Mori has a nice carnival on eating disorders, primarily blaming eating issues on body image issues. She included my nap post. It's probably time for me (or go ahead, someone else) to write the family therapy take on this, right? (Surprise, it has something to do with wanting to (a) please the parents or (b) please the parents).

Joel linked here to our last post about the check out in his Insert a Metaphor carnival. You know how I love metaphors. Look for sex posts on this blog for more on that.

For more on metaphors and a little practical advice, check out Mixed . MM is hosting a carnival of family life.

Living in Stigma is hosting Mental Illness carnivals (no clowning around here, friends). Bloggers are blogging, and the host lists a bunch of resources.

Family Village hosts the SAHMS, Stay at Home Moms, also seriously resourceful.

And Observations from Missy's Window features movie reviews by other bloggers, always a good idea to check those out before you shell out ten bucks.

Here's one, a psychantenna feed. You know how we like to be fed. And another by a budding play therapist, AnnD. Surely that's got to be one of the better gigs, no?

Mass defective tells me that Post Secret cut off half of the secret on his post card in the posting, which changed the substance of the secret. This is why bloggers should be bound to certain ethics. We need a code for this profession.

A nursing student (you know I love you nurses, always a hats off) presents a list of rounds and kvetches. Check out Brain Scramble.

You can find thoughts about marriage, prison, and Asia at My Faith although he does not exactly equate the three. And Katy Murr is a poet. She'll make you think.

Resonant Enigma says we should talk less, draw more. Can't I just write more? Do I have to draw? Or how about other creative pursuits? Check out A.D.'s sketches.

And there's a focus on patience at, where else, having

I don't think I have an art therapy resource on this blog, but we do now. Check out Resting Place for ideas.

MondoReb at 1000 Paper-Cuts is a hero, and he interviewed Dr. Joel Haber who has a new book on bullies. The interview included me, strangely enough, so all kinds of bloggers who cut and paste from it have linked over here at ENT. INCLUDING:

A super-vigilant blog basically about cyberbullies and cyberpaths. It scares me just thinking about it, but take a look and you'll see that indeed, cyberspace is no different than real space, meaning the relationships you have on-line can parallel those off-line. That's my take, at least. I love the banner at the top, btw. Blogger News Network also cut and paste that bullies interview. Now I feel like an expert.

Kevin over at Change Your Family Tree might have something there. What's the point of therapy if not to interrupt some seriously dysfunctional transgenerational relating? Positive and Successful Lifestyle tips might sound like a scam, after all, can you really get anything out of the personal development/coaching bloggers. Oh, my, yes, with very little psychobabble, all common sense, all too uncommon these days.

Kimmee Sook's pretty outrageous, see Me Sook for Dummies. And coffee yogurt is looking for intelligent blogs with frank talk about sex. Hi CY.

If you want the rabbi's spin on things, try Rabbi Without a Cause. James Dean, he's . . .not? He is?

If you're looking for a Kosher cooking carnival, check out Me-Ander. No, you won't find any of mine, sorry.

Blogger Living in Stigma posted a mental health carnival. Seems she's not going to be blogging there much longer, so get it while it's hot. And Mind The Health is mostly about happiness. Who can blame her? E3 Success Systems linked over here to the pornography post, thanks E3.

Therese Borchard at Beyond Blue shot me some interview questions. Therese's blog is always worth a look, even if my answers weren't standard fare for her readers.

Enough, enough. Let's get out there and seize the day, or be seized by the day, whichever it is. We'll handle it.



Anonymous said...

Dear Doc! Thanks for this list. I discover new blogs all the time through this wonderful style of post. Also, I recently linked to you from my own if you are so inclined (or declined, as the case may be), I'd love a shout out!

Thanks for your blog. It rawks. (that's a hybrid of the words "rock" and "raucous." Just fyi.)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for acknowledging your link from my blog. You've chosen an effective and interesting method of doing so.

isabella mori said...

hey, thanks for the backacha.

and i'm not a doctor.

and ... i would be interested in hearing why you think that i blame anorexia on body image issues. if i've ever said anything like that, then i deserve a slap on the wrist. anorexia is way to complicated an issue to assign any one cause.

can't wait to see your post on the family therapy side of this, and of course would love to see that in the carnival of eating disorders, especially if we could have it juxtaposed to a post on the maudsley method. spark some debate, huh?

therapydoc said...

Apologies ISAB. The posts at the carnival pointed that way, not you individually. Or so I thought. Debate is good.

Mee Sook said...

Hehehe. Thanks for the link!! Happy New Year!!! =)

Rising Rainbow said...

I think it's great that you do a post and list all the blogs that have linked to you.

We bloggers need to do this kind of stuff to help us with those darn search engines and such. lol

Claudia SAHM said...

Great Idea!!! Better late than never, may I get on the bandwagon?

Anonymous said...

Great Idea...better late than never...may I get on the links bandwagon?

Anonymous said...

Thank you yet again Therapy Doc for the Link to change your family -the article on bounderies is really good....i forwarded to all my friends...everyone wants healthy bounderies and relationships...I get so much from your site...I would heap praises in your general direction (of course, you know that God is behind all this making me better and helping me via the internet..... sigh but a happy sigh. :) I am so glad Beyond blue blog roll'ed ya. :)

therapydoc said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the link!

We don't consider ourselves vigilante (too close to 'vigilante') as educational. People really forgot that the net is as full of predators, perhaps more so because of their assumed 'invisibility' than the real world.

Thank you again!

Anonymous said...

There are plenty of ways to say thank you. With bloggers, one of the best and most appreciated gestures is linking back or leaving a comment. While I'm just a lurker browsing around, I'm saying thank you for leaving a whole bunch of blogs to lurk around at. Looks like this month's blogroll will require a bigger space.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I guess I put it though unknowingly...twice!

Anonymous said...

good stuff. thanks.

Dreaming again said...

Never knew there was an eating disorder carnival. Wow.

I am interested in your family therapy ideas as well. Your comment sounds ... ominous (?)

I would not have responded well to family therapy, but I know where I get therapy, uses a lot of it with the younger set. As a PARENT ... I would never not be included in my children's therapy.

therapydoc said...

DREAMING, Family therapy is a head thing. I can do it individually, and a lot of us do. It's a way of thinking systemically that includes the emotional mishigas (craziness) of EVERYONE, not just family members, who carry weight in our brains.

Dreaming again said...

hm mmm but therapy in regards to an eating disorder is least the trend ... is not about the families disorderliness ..but the patients disorder, and the families involvement in the healing process.

While it may seem like splitting hairs ... it is dramatically different.

In one scenerio ... my eating disorder goes into the therapy with my sister, my father, my mother and we talk about all of our problems.

In the other scenerio, my eating disorder goes into theray and my parents go with me to help me find solutions.

(I'm by the way, not a child and would not take my parents to therapy ... although, they should both be going ;) ..but for their own reasons)

I am slowly learning the subtle differences in this, as I allow my husband into my recovery from an eating disorder. He is not, nor has ever been the problem. His support, is most certainly becoming part of the solution.

therapydoc said...

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Doc! Thanks for the link and mention. If you don't wanna draw, I think we're all OK with that. Your words paint plenty good pictures! They do. ;-)

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