The First Collection of Posts about Obsessions

You knew I'd go with that pic for this feature, right?

It's not usually fun, having an obsession. For example, Dealing With Healing has an issue with a crime that won't die. (neither the perpetrator, nor the obsession).

But Mad Kane's humor blog presents us with a LIST obsession. I'm there.

But a tech blogger is obsessed with moulding ANY topic and making you see it as simple, pertinent and wonderful. I'm perplexed, but okay, that's never stopped me from going with the flow.

Phil for humanity is obsessed with flag burning-- it should be your right, according to him, which would make him somewhat to the left, no?

Just kidding, Phil. (I've learned I have to say that.)

And Dr. Scott Davis addresses your kid's addiction to Internet pornography. Someone had to. Thanks Scott.

Zenofeller has so many obsessions operating at once that I don't know where to begin, but I think this post is about thinking, obsessing, about making money while blogging.

Like anyone could get obsessed over money, seriously.

Our last booth is about sleep, which is an obsession for the 24-hr Paradigm.

Well, it wasn't what I expected, but we're not so into control on this blog now, are we?

obsessively yours (read the chocolate blogs, and that's just for starts),



Mina said…
Thanks for posting a quick round up of obsession blogs. Your blog is very interesting and educational. I've bookmarked your blog and look forward to your posts moving forward:-)
linrob63 said…
Thank you for the link.

I am getting to like writing a blog.

The opportunity to be both accessible and anonymous is comforting -- and liberating.
Roberta said…
Hey, I needed that. Thanks for the insight/laughs.
therapydoc said…
Anytime, Roberta.