Thursday, November 01, 2007


No, NaBloPoMo is not Hebrew.

It's bad when a conspiracy sabotages our sincere efforts at getting things done. Here I was, minding my own business, only posting to my blog a couple of times a week, promising myself, blee neder, (Hebrew for no promises) that I would concentrate on things that either made me a better person, the world a better place, made money, or preferably all three, not blogging

when I read about this at Citizen of the Month.

Thanks a lot, pal.

Some people talk obsessions, then there are those of us who live them. The brain is a marvelous thing.

NaBloPoMo or November Means You're a Slave to Your Blog Month (or some such thing) is a promotion courtesy of seriously bitten bloggers brain-washed by Russians to undermine our marriages and dent our incomes. The plot is to force us to post EVERY SINGLE DAY in NOVEMBER or we're simply not in the club.

(kidding, kidding, kidding about the Russian thing)

Don't they know about Shabbas? Don't they understand days of rest? Or is that day of rest?

We have been commanded to give Him/Her who created our Blogosphere and stuff that is not of the Blogosphere due respect. We do this by ceasing work as did He/She (the Old Mighty, if you've read old posts) after finishing the creation of a green environment. So to give due, we are supposed to stop working before sundown every Friday night.

I'm sure most religions have some sort of sabbath. So I speak for us all.

And blogging is considered work. This forces those of us who take the resting commandment seriously to have to spin out two blog posts on Friday and then publish one of those lame offerings on Saturday night, after the Sabbath day has passed. And will that even count?

That's a reference to the Jewish sabbath. You can change Friday night to Friday or Sunday morning or whichever day you keep.

Anway, this double blogging the day before the Sabbath, for some of us on Friday, just to be able to post on Saturday night, is obviously a remez, a hint, to the mahn, the stuff the Jewish People ate in the desert.

Quick history lesson here. There was a dramatic escape, a critical event for Jews and Egyptians alike, when the Jews escaped slavery and the Egyptians drowned at sea in the chase. This culminated in forty years of nomadic life for the Jewish People who simply could not stop kvetching about the heat and no running water, and the food, well.

Moses, our reluctant, humble leader, had initially convinced the Egyptian pharoah that he had best let us go, that we weren't destined for slavery. Moses himself had to be coerced into the job, he was not a natural politician.

Anyway, there we were, in the desert, hungry and thirsty, complaining like crazy, so the Old Mighty, tired or our complaining delivered the mahn as dew. It tasted like whatever we wanted it to taste like, so I'm quite sure mine was generally of the cheesecake variety, and had some very dark chocolate laced in there somehow.

And wouldn't you know, the Old Mighty (my grandfather's name for the Him/Her) delivered a double portion of mahn on Fridays so that the Jewish People didn't have to cook on Saturdays.

Oh, life was easy then, if a little hot and dry.

But we like it hot. Already the chill in the Chicago air is getting a little scary. But our leaves, my friends, are amazing, and if you don't get seasonal changes where you live you don't know what you're missing and should probably visit us in the fall. And it's just beginning. So I'll be out riding my bike whenever I can.

And if I'm supposed to post a post a day for NaBloPoMo, then don't expect me to edit much or be too serious.

There's only so much thinking, writing, and reading a person can do.



curiositykiller said...

yay! another one volunteering to be brainwashed!!

oops, I mean join the cult.

oops... I mean join the club.

dearie me.

I guess that's the kind of posting I'll be putting out/up while typing 90wpm..............

therapydoc said...

It's clear to me I have no idea what I'm doing here.

Joel said...

Then don't do it!

I find my blog tends to improve when I just shut up for a few days.

Kate (pereka) said...

Re: Your comment above.

Neither do I.

Show me someone who does and I'll show you a dirty, dirty liar.

Good luck with NaBloPoMo!


Anonymous said...

Are you ever goiing to blog about therapy and other people's issues or is this just a blog about everyone needs to know my politics?

I enjoyed it when I first discovered it, but I no longer look forward to the posts.

therapydoc said...

Anon, What is it you want to know?

Anonymous said...

on a side note unrelated to your post somewhat- i read the title and other than national writing month as my friend was talking about, the first thing i thought was No more talking about Post modernism and its effects on society and christianity (nomopomo) but that is mainly directed at more progressive sites :P :P

therapydoc said...

Ah, ANON, I think ENT is much more progressive than people think.

Batya said...

I'm trying to post less than twice a day on my two main blogs. And I try to restrict my posting on my a7 blog to only when I don't appear on the a7 homepage.

Of course, I'd do better if I don't check the numbers...

ps I thought those initials stood for that novel-writing thing.

Scraps said...

That is totally ripped off of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), which also happens to be every November. I guess NaBloPoMo is for people who have shorter attention spans. :-P

therapydoc said...

Oh, that's easy. Write a novel in November.

therapydoc said...

You know I gave up on this after 2 or 3 posts. It's NOVEMBER. Therapydocs are in busy season.

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