The Cell Phone

This is one of those, I get by with a little help from my friends posts. Like the geese.

It was disconcerting, and I'm not a person easily disconcerted.

On N0vember 16, Blogger posted an email on this blog that I wrote to the Blogger team to get started with GoBlogger (sufficiently confused yet?)

GoBlogger is an interface that allows you to post to your blog from your cell phone, theoretically, using e-mail. There's a November 16 post, titled NEW BLOG, that makes no sense, and I had no idea it would get posted to ENT.
But I'm too terrified to delete it.

All I wanted to do was post your comments from my cell phone. That's all I asked. The phone is somehow supposed to know how to do that, somehow, perhaps, by secret messaging or technological telepathy with GoBlogger, but things aren't working out.

I can get the Treo 750 (a Palm) to do most tricks. Except I haven't been able to publish to Blogger OR get Palm to send me my $250 dollars in promised rebates. (What were the chances of that, anyway? Perhaps I should have told ATT that I blog).

Don't believe the rebate part if you sign up with them. They either lie, or make the float really float. It's been floating for months now.

Anyway, if any of you know how to do this, publish comments to a Blogger blog from a Treo, please share the wealth. I'm going to need to do that during jury duty this week. Yes, you heard correctly, jury duty.

When called for civic duty, yours truly jumps at the opportunity. Which is why YOU get an adamant NO, if you ask me to write you a note to get you out of yours. Just go. If you're psychotically ill, they'll get it. You won't get called for a panel.

Onto Thanksgiving. What, you're dreading the holiday and your therapist is taking off work the week of Thanksgiving? Tell it to the judge.

I'm hoping there will be time tomorrow to write something appropos while hanging around, doing nothing, waiting for them to tell me I'm not the droid they're looking for. Would you want me on YOUR jury? I think not.

Anyway, much obliged to anyone who can help me with my cell phone-blogger problem.

And a happy Thanksgiving to all if I don't post about your depression before that,

Oh, and if I don't post about Thanksgiving, just find a showing of last Saturday night's (November 17) Midnight Special. Maybe it's on itunes or youtube or something. There are some really good songs that will get you in the mood to deal with family and not feel that excruciating desire for Xanax.

wish me luck,



I did jury duty once when I was 18 (still in high school, too), and I kind of enjoyed it. I ended up on a jury, we got a case (that the defendant shouldn't have brought to trial.. he should have just plead guilty).

All in all, quite interesting. And I learned something. And I missed like 3 days of school, guilt free! :)
therapydoc said…
It's a really great thought, actually serving on a jury. For all I know I will, but I'll actually feel guilty not working during the "busy" season.
JewishMama said…
I haven't been called for jury duty, but I've heard there's lots of waiting around. All very boring. Also, if you go get picked, will you be able to make it home early on Friday?
Carole said…
I have jury duty in January. I'm afraid I'll get picked...and will be insulted if I don't. lol

Happy Thanksgiving!!
Rising Rainbow said…
Well, I'm not going to help you with your problem, I'm as puter illiterate as they come. I wouldn't even think of posting anything from anywhere except my puter, I have enough problems getting that done. lol

As for jury duty, I think not! I've been told by prosecutors that I would never never be selected for a panel, I know too much about human behavior good and bad and I can't stand to sit still with nothing to do, so I cope out to having many many horses to care for, which just happens to be the truth.
Gottagopractice said…
Hi therapydoc, I frequently post from my Treo 650 (with pictures!), but, alas, the instructions have changed since I linked to the Blogger FAQ.

So, here's what you do.
1) Go to the current instruction page (which appears to always be available from your Dashboard.
2) Send the message from your phone using SMS (txt msg), NOT e-mail. This is important. Sending e-mail from the treo links go@blogger to your e-mail address, not your phone number (and doesn't do that properly).
3) Blogger will reply with a NEW blog address, and a claim code. Assuming you want to publish to your current blog, and not the new, mobile one...
4) Enter the claim code on the right of the page I linked to in (2), and follow the instructions (continue). That will link your phone to your current blog.
5) IMPORTANT: this allows you to send messages using MMS, i.e. a picture from your phone with subject line and text below.

If you want to send posts using e-mail from your treo, it's a whole 'nother set of directions. I don't recommend that, actually, because the gateway adds a whole bunch of extraneous line breaks unless you are sending an html-formatted message. However, if you want to play with that option, let me know and I'll tell you where to find those settings. After you get the first part working.
Jack's Shack said…
I have been on two juries. Both experiences were interesting and both left me with concern about the judicial system.

As for the Treo, well I have a 700w and Blogger doesn't like it. It is not that I can't post, but the way that it looks. For some reason it comes out looking like crap.

One of these days I'll get around to trying to determine what the issue is.
Sorry, can't help you there - I wouldn't even know where to begin. Whenever I accidentally click "web browser" on my phone, I would panic and cancel and jump back to normal phone usage, and hope the phone company doesn't charge me obscene amount of money.