The Swing Set

You can buy this at I haven't seen Empath Daught's new one, but I doubt it's this nice.
(pictures would help, dear)

The other day I was discussing what a healthy sexual relationship looks like. It's that new paradigm you're going to read about on this blog one day. And I said,

Oh, that's lecture #71. It starts with the definition of sex as a verb having to do with love, really. First you have love, then you give it, and then it's this back and forth thing that you reserve for only one other person in just this way, which of course you can vary, but the partners remain the same.

Blank stare, of course.

The lecture continues:

Assuming you pull that part off, make the sexual relationship a special reserve, like a fine wine, except you can dip into it whenever you want (perhaps within limits, it's true, but very often over a lifetime together, as it IS the marital glue) assuming all that is in place, then you might get lucky and get children. Or even the dividends, as my zaideh used to say, GRANDCHILDREN.

And on that note I thought I'd share an email from Rac, too precious not to share. It's about my granddaughter, just 2 years old last February. They seem to spend a lot of time at my daughter's house, her Aunt Dardo. I thought it was Dardo, but Empath Daught's name, apparently now, who knows, perhaps forever, is Bardo. Come look. The email subject says,

HaShem (the Old Mighty) should bless
"Auntie Bardo. The swingset. The slide. The ladder. The ground. The flowers. The swing. The swingset. I love my swingset."

You can't make this stuff up.

It's a good thing "Auntie Bardo shares the swingset with me."

Your welcome. Anytime.



Anonymous said…
i would like to hear more on this topic and also a little on fear (as in fear of imtamacy)
Chana said…
That is a VERY expensive swingset. Even the smaller ones are expensive. Great carnival setting, though.

Chag Purim Sameach!