Blogger Burn-Out

You know, therapists burn out. This is a well-known phenomenon. They work for years to get this fabulous education, and about six years into it can't stand the work anymore.

Sometimes it's too much of one diagnosis or another, like seeing too many depressed people in a day can (HAS TO) make a doc a little depressed.

Or maybe there are simply too many borderlines out there, or too many traumatizing stories. Borderlines can have therapists all up in arms, worried about themselves, their families and personal harm, worried about others who have to deal with them, still more worries about suicide gestures and occasional success.

So real estate has tremendous appeal, okay? Not for me, frankly, but it does seem to be the choice for lots of other therapy docs. I kind of love my job, you know that, and I balance the types of folks I see every day, lay lots of responsibility for their welfare back on them.

But what about BLOGGERS? Do BLOGGERS burn out? They write day after day, week after week. They go nuts when they go on vacation, terrified their ratings will drop in Technorati, have others blog for them in their place!

So do they? Do they burn out, writing, writing, writing, day and night, organizing, editing, re-editing, reading other blogs, redesigning their websites, losing precious template symbols that trash the site (temporarily), commenting to others and to those who write to them, deep into the early hours of the morning, bleary-eyed, half awake the next day, manic, full of words, crazy.

Do they burn out? Do they?


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I had a good blogging "sneeze" today. These come in waves. But I find the sneeze comparison works well for me. Today I added about 5 article titles of things that came to mind to work on later. I don't see any burn out on the horizon, but hopefully several more good sneezes. ;o)LOL

Holly's Corner
therapydoc said…
Gezund theit. You had it coming, Hol.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the generous comments that you made on my blog. I am looking forward to our conversations about the spirit and the ego and how each impacts us. To your post today, hard to burnout when you are doing something you love! We who blog love to write and we love to exchange ideas! Continue to let your words flow and be passionate about what you do and everyday will be fresh and every night rewarding.
Anonymous said…
Of course bloggers get burn out occasionally. Usually a nice vacation (or true shabbat) will help with that. So will giving yourself permission to take some time away from the blog.

I'm coming up on three years and have maybe 15 days total without posts in the whole time. It does always come back to a love of writing and a love of blogging.

I look forward to getting to know your blog! Just found it through Danny Miller.
therapydoc said…
I sure see your point. Thanks for stopping over. I'll head over your way soon.
I pride myself on having a small readership. It takes some serious effort to be bored enough to spend time reading my blog. ;)

I'm enjoying yours!
Adrian said…
Blogging like everything else is all bout pacing. If you enjoy blogging, you are not going to mind over how many things are being posted. On the other hand, if blogging becomes a chore, it is time to hang it up and say goodbye to your readers.

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