Last Back 'Acha of 2008

I feel terrible for forgetting to do this. It's one of those things that hangs in the back of your head, like, Make your bed, or Bring up the laundry.

This feature links to bloggers who have linked to me, but it means that I've actually paid attention to statistics and have tracked you down, unless you were kind enough to send me a note, like they did over at On-line Education. At O-E, they basically put you in touch with online education, and since I happen to teach an on-line course, it feels right, somehow to start you off with a link to that website. Check it out. A list of 100 brain-bloggers.

Most of you are brainy bloggers, and there are some of us, who by virtue of the sedentary nature of our jobs, are tush bloggers. If there were a list of t-b's I'd be at the top, for sure.

Sometimes (often) I discover amazing blogs because I do this researching statistics ritual instead of doing things I should be doing. There are bloggers who have their GED, they'll tell you, despite ADD who live over at Maggie's Farm, which seems like a 2008 commune. But they eat meat, so they are obviously not as sixty-ish as they seem.

On the other hand, they're no longer seventeen. They also like the strip of Calvin and Hobbs they posted over there, which is informational, something out President Elect Obama and smoking. I still don't believe this. But if it's true, you heard it over at Maggie's and we're thinking they might be smokin' over there, (forgive me, say it ain't so), too. I particularly liked the rein deer. They linked to my 51 rule for marriage. I had totally forgot I wrote that post.

Ars Psychiatrica is a brainy place, brooding a bit about the DSM, but who isn't?

And BiPolar Lawyer Cook is cooking up a storm of therapy bloggers on her blog. Definitely a way to go.

Mother-in-Israel, speaking of hell on wheels (in a good way, in a good way, always worth the ride) has listed ALL of the WebBlog Awards for 2008. So if you're looking for a good blog, well, you can not go wrong here.

Okay, new idea. Since I didn't check the stats, I'm going to edit this and add any bloggers who feel they should be here. (email me at This is a great idea, I think, since you do the work, not me. Forgive me in advance, please, for missing you if I did, but let this be the cure before the malady.

This month was a real doozy of a month to be a therapy doc, and I had a couple of new grandchildren that my son and d-i-l added to the family on the first day of December, and we haven't even begun to talk about those two. But we will, when I land on my feet.

Happy 2009, it should be, it has to be, a better year for us all.


Here are some more:
Canadian Girl Post Doc in America
Mental Deviant
More Mindless Ramblings

LIFE IN THE SHORT LANE love her bio.

Retriever has a bunch of them. Try Fantasy Shrinks and Real Shrinks, or Trauma and Meaning, Requium or Imagination.

If you really want to imagine, check out Imagine If Child Protection Became Serious Business.

And, the links I forgot these, places I actually guest blog at, or will be in the future.

The Second Road, a recovery blog for people who have or who have to deal with other people's addictions.

My Gorgeous Somewhere, a writer/poets blog.


RAK said…
Mazel tov on the grandkids!!
Mazal tov!! You kind of hid that announcement. Sneaky. I wonder what that says about you.

Anyone, I'm pretty sure no one has called me that before.
Leora said…
Mazel tov on the grandkids!
Anonymous said…
you should give some link love to

Imaginif-the top Child Protection blog

Beyond Blue-Heck, who else would I read other than you !

Prodigial kiwi-Just a fun-deep thinking New zealand site
blognut said…
Congratulations on the grandkids. I have no idea what Mazel tov means or I might say that too, but congratulations will have to do.

And, BTW, I linked to you! Take care, have a great New Year's!
GirlPostdoc said…
Thanks TherapyDoc,

I stumbled upon your blog and read through many of your entries. I found them to be extremely thoughtful and really interesting. I think you have several posts that would help many of us in academia deal with difficult supervisors.

Margo said…
I've been enjoying visiting your blog lately (I think found you through that 100 brain bloggers list). I just wanted to say thank you! Your suggestions here are great. I'll drop back in soon. Have fun with new babies and happy new year!