Sunday, December 02, 2007

November 07 Back a' cha'

Yes, it's December and we're still on November, catching up with friends. I can't help it if I got way-laid for the weekend in Los Angeles. Things happen. But I'm back to thanking those of you who linked over here, only hope you didn't feel any pressure. We're about to start a series on enmeshment very soon. So many misconceptions about it.

We start with Molly in Germany, sexy and smart and litigious. Except for the last part, why wouldn't you read her blog? (Can she sue me for reading, for humming along while I read?)

And once a person starts to talk about humming and music, before you turn around he's hanging out with people who swing electric guitars. Take a look at The Soul of Rock and Roll and see why I really don't fit in, but as usual, keep ke trying.

And again, The Squib, makes me laugh. You might like this comic, too, AllVishal. Some bloggers write their own jokes, and the ethnic on ethnic can really make me smile. On the same blog, The Banterist sues Sesame Street (I think for the prices). By the way, I have no idea why there are yellow highlights all over this post, and have no energy to figure it out, either. Who knows what I was thinking?

New-Movies recommends Bella, supposedly the Life Is Beautiful of the year. The trailer looks scrumptious.

For real art, as in fine art, see what Susan Borgas does for a living, and check out Thailand Gal, too.

And for a good cause, check out ProBlogger. Movember (mustaches in November) started in Australia and New Zealand but is now international. This month the men down under are growing mustaches to raise money for prostate cancer and depression. Dig into your pockets if you're sure it's not a scam. This blogger trusts no one, which is why she's a therapist, probably. It being December, perhaps you're too late altogether.

My post on Borderline Personality Disorder, surprisingly, drew no fire from the internet blogger community. Phew. There's more to say about why diagnosing people is a bad idea, and I'll get to that, but check out Mental Health Tips and the Florida Bipolar Personality Disorder Association for more on the subject of borderline disorders.

Trauma Center is there to sew you back up if need be.

Let's talk business psychology (I think that's what this is about) Your High Payoff provides a few tips about focus and reward. I would so stretch that metaphor.

Now this is not to criticize, it's just a fact that most bloggers ARE named Dave! The coolest Dave (who is out) can be found collecting scientific posts at How to Save the World.

Some of the best blogs are funny, let's face it, but I need them clean or I won't link to them, not consciously. New Critics is totally worth a peak, and hopefully there's nothing up there that's objectionable. If so, just leave.

There are several religions, you know, and a blog that's mostly about Where Faith and Inquiry Meet. I'm glad people think about these things, honestly.

Lest you should think that I discriminate against atheists or agnostics, there's a Swedish archaeologist who insists there really is no apple pie in the after life. That could be a problem for some of us. I fear behavioral change looming if I personally dwell upon it.

I can only wonder what my friend the Rabbi Without a Cause might say. The good rabbi plugged this blog, making it, I suppose, a kosher blog. (Sorry, btw, for spelling that word compliment wrong in a previous post. I know that many of you hate it when I do that).

Shirat Devorah explores the bee situation. Not good.

And Yid with a Lid never lets me down when it comes to my daily political news in Israel fix. Also not good. If you worry about people shooting at other people praying at the Western Wall FROM the top of the Western Wall, you should be worried about what's happening in Israel this week. The point of the Annapolis Conference is to divide Jerusalem.

Those of you who are squeamish about words will want to avoid Curiosity Killer's posted video about the F-word. I'm only linking here because maybe we should desensitize, I don't know. I watched it and wondered if my cringe problem is an age thing.

For a politically conscientious blog, see Eric on racism, feminism and other important topics. For sexual assault and survivor support visit Thriver, always a wealth of information. And Martial Development will provide you links about bullying and harrassment problems.

Fact is, I can retire my blogging hat. There are so many good psych bloggers out there. Dr. Shock linked to ENT's post about the myth of the double bind causing schizophrenia. It's old news, but it's nice to see that Myth Busters are doing their jobs. Shock finds all kinds of interesting, often conflicting reports to read on the web about all kinds of things.

Mother-wise Cracks is at a concert (way up in the balcony) with an acrophobic, for a laugh. A laugh?

I have to start the work week, seriously. Have a good one,



Curiosity Killer said...

Ex-queese Me!! I have way more stuff on my blog than just the "F" word. But thanks for the linky love. ;)

therapydoc said...

sorry, sorry, sorry!

Marj aka Thriver said...

Hey, thanks for the link! Appreciate it.

BTW, do you think you might be participating again in the BLOG CARNIVAL AGAINST CHILD ABUSE? I've actually got hosts lined up for the next few months. The December deadline is Wed 12/12. Hope you can make it!